The history of the guitar with Amin

Amin Zebarjad is a musician, arranger, film music composer and actor. His main style is instrumental and he has created many works in this genre. He started his music career in 2018 and released his first official song in 2020. Although his main field of work is software engineering, his interest in music has led him to pursue it professionally, and he is expected to increase his activities in both the music and software engineering fields in the near future. to give

Amin Zebarjad said: “Musical instruments that are similar to today’s guitar have been used throughout history and by many cultures and people. Instruments like the guitar may have been played since 3000 years ago.”

The English word “guitar” is derived from the Spanish word guitarra, which was probably derived from the Latin word “Cithara” and the ancient Sanskrit “tar” which meant string.

Basically, the oldest guitar-like instruments originate from ancient Egypt. This instrument was used by a singer named Hormus during the time of the Egyptian queen, Hatshepsut. You can now see this guitar in the Archaeological Museum of Cairo, Egypt. Lute entered Europe in various forms between the 6th and 9th centuries. This instrument entered the Byzantine Empire under the title of Barbat. Later, the Moors brought this instrument to Spain under the name oud. These instruments, which became known as lutes, gained many fans in the Middle Ages.

The guitar is an old instrument, but its evolution over time has not only been influenced by different tastes in music and production, but has also resulted in the direct involvement of a number of very tasteful and artistic investors.






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