Equipment needed by a DJ from the point of view of DJ. MT

DJ. MT: “Since DJs are an independent member of the event, it is the DJ’s responsibility to provide the necessary equipment and supplies. In general, all DJs have a common set of equipment, which can be more or less depending on the type of their activity. be
Controller: The main equipment that every DJ needs to start working is a DJ set and controller. This equipment allows the DJ to control the music and add various sound effects to it when necessary. Controllers are also responsible for mixing songs.

Laptops are used for different tasks depending on the type of DJ equipment. The laptop provides music management for DJs using a controller. The laptop also allows those with a complete DJ set to exchange their song bank and albums they plan to mix with each other.
In addition to having high quality and good sound separation, DJ headphones should also be light. The lightness of headphones is important for DJs because they have to wear them for a long time during the event. In fact, if the headphone has a high weight, it will cause pain to the head and ears during long-term use. In addition, headphones should have good noise canceling capabilities. Because usually such ceremonies are accompanied by shouting and clapping, so the headphones should be placed on the ears to neutralize the ambient noise to an acceptable level. This gives the DJ more control and focus on the songs being played.

As a result, some mobile DJs need a quality sound system and speakers. The most important issue in choosing the right speaker is its low weight and high portability. Also, the quality of the speakers in sound separation and strong bass are other things that the DJ should pay attention to.

It is possible to interact with the people present in the ceremony with a microphone. Since the main task of the DJ is to manage the stage, it is a key point to establish proper interaction with the people present in the gatherings. This issue will also have a high impact on the quality of DJ performance.
If a DJ works in the field of party lighting in addition to music management, he will need equipment to create beautiful lights. Of course, lighting equipment is less important compared to other DJ equipment. In addition to these items, it is also necessary to have pre-made samples and mixes for the process of doing DJ work. Also, the DJ can mix his music bank with samples to personalize it according to the taste of the people and attendees at the ceremony.






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