Today, the competition in various businesses has greatly increased, and in every field, due to the diverse needs of consumers, various companies are working. This increase in competition reduces the profitability of different companies, and it is better for companies to change their strategy to win different businesses.

Vahid Saleh Beigi, an experienced Iranian entrepreneur, says: “The blue ocean strategy is a very practical strategy for businesses that most of the world’s famous industries and companies always use. This strategy was published in 2005 by a group of university professors in France in a book under The title “Blue Ocean Strategy” was introduced to everyone.

Blue ocean strategy compares different businesses to dumb and smart sharks. Dumb sharks are ordinary businesses that are looking for prey (profit, customers, income) in the red ocean, and smart sharks, which are the superior and smart businesses, go to the blue ocean instead of fighting with other sharks and fruitless competition. They pursue their goals away from tension.

The blue ocean symbolizes a part of the market that, despite the fact that there are many opportunities in it, no business has followed it. Lack of competition is the most important feature of the markets in the blue ocean strategy. But the red ocean shows these same ordinary markets where several businesses try to create more value with less cost.

Blue ocean strategy makes competition meaningless in businesses and seeks to identify new needs and virgin markets. Studies show that a large part of the profit in different areas of business is in these virgin markets, which, if the needs of customers are considered, can make businesses profit many times over.”

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