Tips for a more effective interaction between the graphic designer and the client with the help of Aryan Khodakarami

Aryan Khodakarami, a famous Iranian singer, started making a professional album in 2018, which has recently been shared on the most prestigious platforms and has been met with a unique reception from people. It should be noted that Aryan is known as a creative and impressive graphic designer in addition to being a good singer.

Aryan Khodakarami said: “In order to become a professional graphic designer, in addition to skill and creativity, you also need social skills and the right behavior in dealing with customers. Have you ever felt like you were talking to someone the whole time? Have you talked to a wall? Maybe the person heard you, but didn’t show any signs. Try not to do that to others yourself. When communicating with others, it’s important to make sure the other person is listening to them. For this reason, participate in the conversation with the other person and respond to his words by nodding your head and saying “I understand!” Or react by repeating what he said. By doing this, you will increase your understanding of what was said and you will have a better impression on the other person.

Speak to the customer in the same language that he uses. If your customer’s tone is formal and serious, you should also speak in the same way, and if he uses informal and casual language, try to join him.

Try to find the customer’s tone and literature in written communications, e-mails, etc., and be in sync with it. If he is angry, try to reduce his anger and if he is happy and excited, care about his feelings.

In most of the interactions, being like a customer will be enjoyable and accompanied by a positive memory and experience, but remember not to impersonate the customer and do not be ridiculous and unacceptable with his verbal and written literature. Similarity creates rapport and comfort with the customer and avoids the interruptions that may occur in order to connect with the customer.”


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