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New Haven, CT – As the second-largest city in Connecticut, New Haven is home to many individuals, families, and businesses. The dense population and numerous establishments result in an unusually high crime rate, making security a priority for residential and commercial properties. Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven provides up-to-date security hardware that produces high-quality video footage and identifies faraway items/persons.

The Security system installer has modern surveillance systems for clients with different needs. The team serves homeowners who want to keep homes safe or business owners wishing to secure large warehouses or multiple storefronts. Their security cameras boast remote monitoring capabilities using mobile apps, hi-tech modular systems, and versatile modular installation capacities. The installer is certified with some of the more advanced brands. The company serves corporate campuses, local restaurants, small businesses, and homes with product lines from HikVision, Hanwha, Axis, Avigilon, and other reputable companies.

Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven installs IP cameras that operate by transforming analog video into digital signals. The digitized video is then transmitted to storage spaces in a cloud computing environment, enabling the property owner to check their security systems from any location. Once the video surveillance system is installed, it triggers an alarm when motion is detected or verifies potential false alerts. Their IP cameras have increased resolution for videos, contain AI features, use a conventional router, and monitor small/large spaces.

While analog cameras are legacy monitoring devices, property owners still use them. Compared to IP cameras, analog commercial security cameras have wiring that affects the clarity of videos. The wiring causes issues with the new digital-analog cameras. The New Haven security camera installer provides wire converters to make IP cameras work, even with analog wiring. Understanding that the costs of wire replacement are high, the team offers guidance and advice about existing security systems and their advanced features.

Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven connects buildings wirelessly by installing wireless cameras that act as a point-to-point bridge between buildings. For wireless cameras to work, the team aims 2antennae at each other with a narrow transition area to minimize signal interference. The cameras are hardwired back to the centrally located antennae, making them perfect for DIY projects at home or small businesses that need additional security.

Part of their New Haven security camera installation services includes video management systems that are more advanced than NVR or DVR. VMS are purpose-built security servers designed with corporate security in mind. The software enables visible gun detection, unusual motion detection, facemask detection, and guard’s radio integration. Additionally, the company offers access control services, voice/data wiring, burglar alarm systems, and fire alarm sensors.

To schedule a free on-site security assessment, visit the installer’s website or call (203) 747-8244. Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven is located at 857 Whalley Ave Suite 201, New Haven, CT, 06515, US.

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