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Dr Prashant Jindal is one of the best eye surgeon in the world with his immense expertise and top skills. Moreover, he is also the author of Amazon’s No.1 Best Seller

Dr Prashant Jindal is a reputable personality in the world of eye surgery. He has been living in the UK for nearly 20 years and serving people with his expertise at best. He is an internationally recognised one of the best eye surgeons with numerous certifications. His work and specialities also involve laser and refractive surgery while holding a firm grip over many other specialities.

His other expertise includes Wavefront Optimized and Guided LASIK, Micro-Keratomes, Femtosecond Laser, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, and Keratoconus. He is also the bonafide surgeon of Trans Epithelial Surface Treatment, commonly known as No Touch Surgery.

There’s no doubt that Dr Prashant Jindal has gifted many people with great vision with the blessings of God, and serving many others with his god-gifted skills. Not only the general public has experienced his outstanding work, but he has also served many athletes, celebrities, high-profile personalities, and Olympic gold medalists. His testimonial includes big names like Tony Robbins, Jayanti Kriplani, Simon Zutshi, Sunjay Dutt, Raymond Aaron, Sharon Lechter, and many many others.

Apart from being a highly qualified eye surgeon, Dr Jindal is also the author of Amazon’s best-seller “One Minute Super dad: 99 Magic Moments to Raise Amazing Children.” His publication is solely dedicated to those beloved fathers who want to raise their children as conquerors and brilliant personalities of the future.

His techniques are like one-minute hacks for super dads to keep their bond strong with their kids and also make them stronger. Harper Collins, one of the world’s top-quality publishers, published his book. And it was soon recognised as the best fathering book for super dads. He is also currently working on his next publication about journey of doctors in their work and profession. 

On the other hand, he is even a notable researcher in the field of micronutrient deficiencies, their effects on remedies for many diseases, and their treatments. Dr Prashant believes in “Prevention is better than cure,” and further advises many of his patients. His tireless efforts (both locally and across the border) in the dark times of Covid are indescribable.

He is also active in globalisation and working hard for the digitization of healthcare. The aim behind this is to provide the healthcare faculty with paperless consultation, and the ability to reach their patients instantly. Moreover, he is also active in many noble causes and serving for working hard for underserved communities.

His website is https://prashantjindal.com

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