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The company’s updated steel fabrication services include steel sheet cutting or metal bending, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and CNC (computer numerical control) drilling. Its experts work with a diverse range of metals not limited to carbon steel, mild steel, medium carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and titanium.

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Qatar Steel Industries Factory’s recent enhancements to its laser cutting services deliver unparalleled accuracy and material maximization. The company’s processes allow for complex geometrical designs and the use of thick materials.

An advantage of laser cutting is that it requires less energy to produce, helping to reduce overall costs. Furthermore, this type of cutting can create smooth edges and prevent internal defects that can be caused by heat exposure.

In addition to laser cutting, the factory provides cutting and bending solutions. With the use of an electrical or hydraulic CNC press brake, metals can be manipulated into different shapes, including U and V shapes. The company advises that the minimum bending radius will depend on the type of material used as well as its thickness.

CNC drilling is also offered for creating accurate and precise holes and other shapes with a specific diameter and length. With this service, clients can achieve a universal set of components that will enhance safety and performance for those using them. Among the items that can be created are base plate holes, hubs, machine shafts, gear blanks, and aluminum profiles.

About The Company

Qatar Steel Industries Factory was founded in 1980 and has earned “The Golden Merit for excellence and quality in the Arab world Among the Arab Organization for Administrative Development”. The company currently has over 15 branches across the world and caters to contractors, developers, and governments.

Clients can also contact the company to buy various products including roof and wall panels, tubes, pipes, fencing nets, barbed wire, ceiling frame solutions, coils, roofing accessories, and self-drilling screws.

A satisfied client said: “This company has premium quality steel products. I dealt with an Iranian salesman named Abu Ali. He was the best at customer service.”

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Qatar Steel Industries Factory W.L.L
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Industrial Area

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