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The new service leverages content marketing for visibility growth and brand awareness. Based in Pasadena, California, the team creates highly targeted content with a view to increasing exposure on high-authority platforms.

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Following the latest move, more business owners can create multimedia marketing campaigns including video, audio ads, slide decks, and blogs. Each piece of content is SEO optimized for efficiency and ROI.

Using proprietary software, an experienced team of content professionals, and expert keyword research, CCH Marketing Services aims to position clients as authorities in their field. The goal of the service is to improve Google ranking and achieve 3-pack listings by using keywords strategically in each campaign.

The agency identifies long-tail keywords related to the client’s position in their industry and creates bespoke content to use across channels. This helps to create greater brand awareness by utilizing placements on hundreds of destinations.

By creating brand omnipresence, businesses are able to engage a wider audience and improve both credibility and respect within their field. This is important because the latest Google marketing data shows that customers view the top SERPs as more trustworthy than others further down the page.

CCH Marketing Services understands this and also recognizes the need for businesses to use content placements as part of their marketing strategy. The agency’s service assists business owners by reducing friction, automating much of the process, and allowing them to focus on core business tasks.

Campaigns can be adjusted over time based on snapshot reports, in-depth analytics, and ongoing optimization. The agency is experienced in discovering and implementing the most searchable terms while describing the clients’ business in a way that highlights their unique place and story.

With the latest move, the content specialists continue to provide cost-effective ways for clients to grow their local and national visibility.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “The content that is created is written by a team of highly experienced professional writers who are skilled in using the best searchable terms and keywords to describe your company in the copy in a way that makes your company stand out within your specific marketplace.”

Interested parties can learn more at:

CCH Marketing Services LLC
1052 Seco Street
United States

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