Springfield, WI Late-Season Broadleaf Weed Control


The enhanced services form part of the company’s six-step turf management program, and involve the application of liquid treatments designed to eliminate more than 90% of broadleaf species. Targeted weeds include dandelions, white clover, chickweed, and ground ivy.

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The recent announcement from Bollig Best Lawn Service is timed to coincide with the end of summer, which the company believes is an ideal time to control broadleaf weeds. The application is suitable for flower and rock beds, and can also be combined with late-season mosquito control.

The University of Wisconsin, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Resources, highlights why fall is one of the best times to control broadleaf weeds. It states that, during September and October, treatments will move through the entire plant. In addition, the areas left open by dead weeds are less likely to be filled by new weeds.

Bollig Best Lawn Service has developed its latest broadleaf treatments in line with the latest science. Applications now target more than 1,000 broadleaf species, with the goal of providing a more effective weed control solution. The services can also be combined with spring applications, offering an additional level of protection.

Mosquitos are often present well into the fall months, and Bollig Best Lawn Service continues to offer mosquito control treatments in conjunction with its late-season weed applications. The firm advises that mosquito treatments usually last for 4 to 6 weeks.

About Bollig Best Lawn Service

First established in 2001, Bollig Best Lawn Service remains a family-owned and operated company servicing the wider Madison district. In addition to weed and mosquito control, the firm offers comprehensive turf and lawn care solutions, including seasonal fertilization, aeration, overseeding, mowing, and sidewalk/driveway edging.

One local client stated: “After years of trying to fight pesky weeds on our own, we finally realized we needed professional lawn services help. We reached out to Best Lawn Services and they were extremely helpful in explaining what treatments would benefit our lawn. After a year of using their various lawn treatment services, our lawn has never looked better.”

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