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Cathedral City, CA: California Behavioral Health offers a wide range of evidence-based treatments. One of the center’s programs is offering treatments to persons struggling with alcohol addiction. Besides affecting their social life and causing stress to family and relatives, alcohol may result in serious health conditions. To assist patients in starting their journey to sobriety, highly qualified medical professionals assess them to determine their medical wellbeing. The assessment constitutes physical examination, questions on their mental health, and urine samples.

The patients are then admitted to the Alcohol Detox and Drug Rehab to start the treatment. Considering everyone suffers from addiction differently, the drug detox center tailors each treatment for successful results. Personalizing the treatment is also the center’s best shot at ensuring the resident starts the long journey to sobriety on the right footing. Another way to guarantee the alcohol detox is successful is ensuring trusted professionals surround the patients to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to tailored treatment for persons struggling with alcohol, the center offers Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to those with substance abuse disorders. The treatment combines behavioral therapy with FDA-approved medications to ease extreme cravings and withdrawals, decrease the risks of relapse, and increase treatment retention. Other benefits of MAT are improving social integration and increasing chances of maintaining sobriety.

The drug rehab center also offers dual diagnosis treatment. Finding the right treatment can be tough, and the center does not draw a hard line between addiction and psychiatric health. Instead, dual diagnosis treatment combines different aspects in its inclusive treatment strategy, such as counseling, education, and organizing group meetings. The center also acknowledges the importance of anti-anxiety medications and creating a supportive environment to build the patient’s confidence.

California Behavioral Health offers other services to persons struggling with alcohol and drugs. The center provides equine therapy to combat physical and mental challenges due to substance use. It also gives EMDR treatment which helps patients move through unresolved trauma due to addiction through visual stimulation. Each treatment is wrapped up with other programs such as yoga, meditation, and hiking. With holistic therapy, the patient overcomes the addiction faster at a safer and more consistent pace.

In addition to evidence-based treatments and highly qualified professionals, the Alcohol rehab detox center is built in a serene and peaceful environment. The setting guarantees patients a safe, peaceful, and warm setting — free from distractions. It is also luxurious and with all the necessary amenities considering some programs may take weeks.

California Behavioral Health is located at 37066 Bankside Drive, Cathedral City, CA, 92234, US. Interested persons can contact the center at 1 (855) 404-2172. Visit the alcohol detox and drug rehab website for more information.

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