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London, UK, Aug 18–As a trusted and independent cyber security service, DigitalXRAID comes with dedicated and high-end data-centric security solutions for organisations to ensure they are protected round the clock and that exploits and breaches can never hold them back.

The security experts at DigitalXRAID aim to scrutinise the continually evolving cyber landscape to detect potential security vulnerabilities. Taking a ‘turned on and always ready-to-respond’ approach, the company ensures top-notch data and system protection. It offers a fully functioning Security Operations Centre (SOC protection) to recognise and neutralise a cyber threat in less than six minutes.

A study by DivvyCloud reveals that the average data breach expense has reached an all-time high this year–it reached $4.35 million in 2022 from $3.86 million in 2020, rising by 12.7%. While one in eight retail businesses have encountered a breach at some point, 91% of attacks start with a phishing email. With that said, assessing and evaluating the cyber security aspects is a dire need for both SMBs and large enterprises.

As a CREST accredited SOC protection provider, DigitalXRAID security specialists keep an expert eye on client systems 24/7, respond to security events in real-time, and save businesses over 500,000 compared to the costs involved in deploying and maintaining on-site security infrastructure.

The company claims while its ISO 27001-certified and fully managed services can offer superior risk management and lower phishing vulnerability by up to 80%, its Penetration Testing ensures clients’ networks and computer systems are always out of reach of inside threats.

After reviewing a 2019 report published by the Ponemon Institute about the cost of data breaches, researchers revealed that misconfigured cloud services have led to 196 data spills globally, which exposed over 33 billion digital records during 2018 and 2019–equivalent to 3.85 trillion. DigitalXRAID says its comprehensive security review services can lock down clients’ cloud services and applications to help mitigate emerging and existing cyber threats before they become malicious.

In addition, the DigitalXRAID team can pinpoint exploitable factors and gauge a system’s internal incident response to offer guidance on remediation by simulating a multi-layered and full-scope attack.

“Many organisations prioritise deliverables such as up-time and IT service, grossly underestimating the problems cyber breaches can lead to. An ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mindset stops them investing in cyber protection. The problem is that you won’t know your network is insecure until a breach happens. Then it could be too late,” explains Rick Jones, CEO of DigitalXRAID.

Co-founded by Rick Jones and Scott Goodwin in 2015, DigitalXRAID is a market-leading cyber security service provider in the UK. It’s among the 1% cyber security service providers certified to provide government-backed security assistance and one of the eight services with CREST accredited SOC that offers round-the-clock service. To learn more about DigitalXRAID’s 24/7 SOC service, please visit

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