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The Bristol-based psychotherapist has expanded his list of therapy services to include a career counselling package to help students in years 8 to 11 and sixth form to find their career path based on assessments carried out by a professional, as well as anyone wanting to change their career or confirm their career choice. This could be a professional, a mature student, or someone wanting to study further.

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The launch of these packages aims to help people undergo aptitude assessments and value scale assessments to build a basic psychological profile that is used to help clients choose the stream that offers them the best chance of long-term success. As an experienced psychotherapist and counselor, Stefano Vermonti recognizes that career decisions can be stressful, so he utilizes his training and experience to listen, understand, guide, and empower clients.

Clients can expect a detailed gathering of their biographical information followed by psychometric tests to understand their values and career inclinations. The scores from the psychometric tests will be compiled and assessed before the client’s next visit.

While other companies offer internet algorithm-based testing, Stefano Vermonti uses in-person psychometric measures and assesses each client independently, resulting in a more reliable assessment and more accurate recommendations.

Following the initial intake appointment, Stefano Vermonti will report these findings for discussion and advice. The purpose of this visit is to help the client understand subject choices as well as explore degrees and universities of interest. From there, further appointments may be arranged.

Stefano has conducted over 600 career assessments in South Africa and the UK. Recently, he has invested in software to enable him to assess clients who aren’t able to visit him in person. This makes having a Career Assessment more accessible for potential clients.

Stefano Vermonti has been operating his private practice since 2009. He graduated from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. There, he earned a Bachelor of Psychology – Counselling (Honours) and then went on to complete his Master of Education, where he graduated cum laude. For more information about Stefano Vermonti, visit

A satisfied client said, “As a student, it was really great that it was an affordable and flexible therapy. Stefano has various methods that allow him to help you in many areas, such as psychometric tests and overall psychotherapy. I found this very useful to start my counselling journey, it helped me to feel more in touch with myself.”

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Stefano Vermonti – Psychotherapist

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