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Port Orange, FL – The highly rated chiropractors at YourChiro provide quality care to patients, allowing them to experience pain relief and full-range mobility. The chiropractor Port Orange operates on a unique model of affordability. They understand that not all insurance companies cover chiropractic care which is why they’ve priced their services for single/monthly visits, active plans, and wellness packages to fit the needs of patients.

For many people, chiropractic care means the difference between living a normal, pain-free, and functional life and having constant chronic pain. To get them back to living holistically, chiropractors practice a hands-on, drug-free approach to healthcare that entails a patient’s examination, diagnosis, and treatment. The doctor performs chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulations to restore joint mobility by manually applying controlled, gentle force to hypo-mobile or restricted joints from an accident or injury.

The body responds to injured/damaged tissues by producing physical and chemical changes, causing pain, inflammation, decreased function, or pinched nerves. Natural treatment approaches for tissue injuries resulting from traumatic events, heavy lifting, slips/falls, repetitive movements, awkward sleeping positions, and poor posture clear up significantly.

The chiropractors at YourChiro use their hands to examine the problem areas before recommending additional diagnostics, rehabilitation exercises, and lifestyle improvements. They may use imaging equipment such as X-Rays or MRIs to understand spinal health, herniated discs, or displaced nerves. When they discover that chiropractic care Port Orange isn’t appropriate or a health condition needs to be co-managed with other healthcare professionals, the chiropractor refers the patient to their networks of physicians.

With regular adjustments at YourChiro, the chiropractor can ease tension and pain in the neck/back muscles by realigning the spine. The adjustments also reduce reliance on pain relievers or other anti-inflammatory medication that may have adverse side effects. Chiropractic care also relieves headaches, strengthens the immune system, calms a hyperactive mind, improves athletic performance, improves organ system function, and speeds up the recovery time after a traumatic event. When patients receive spinal adjustments, they experience peaceful sleep, energized minds, improved energy, and increased productivity.

Dr. Roger Learned, the owner of YourChiro, is highly qualified with over 20 years of experience in the field. Throughout his career, he has adjusted thousands of spines for men, women, children, the elderly, pregnant women, and specialty patients. Dr. Roger’s mission is to allow patients to enhance their health through chiropractic care, eliminating invasive treatment methods.

YourChiro’s approach to treatment, walk-in services, affordable pricing, and extended weekend hours have earned the clinic many 5-star reviews, positive testimonials, and long-term relationships with the communities of Port Orange. To experience high standards of chiropractic care, visit them at 3859 S Nova Rd, Port Orange, FL, 32127, US. For inquiries about pricing or their operating hours, visit their website.

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