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Foshan City, Guangdong Province: WEIYE is a heavily invested aluminum extrusion processing enterprise with a strong sense of responsibility. The products made by the company are utilized in various industries, including electronics, construction, customized home decoration, transportation, and more. Aided by its three industrial divisions, namely; Weiye Aluminum, Weiye Aluminum Furniture, Weiye Doors, and Windows, the company has undergone rapid growth over the last three decades. They are now ranked among China’s top 10 industrial aluminum profile enterprises. Clients can visit the Weiye website to learn more about the company, its high-quality products and services, and ISO ratings.

The high-profile aluminum company was established in 1992 and has become a famous Chinese trademark. They operate 4 major industrial bases and have set up more than 80 internationally advanced aluminum extrusion production lines to bolster capacity. WEIYE attributes its success to high product quality, investment in technology, expanded production, and innovation. Ms. Deng handles all business inquiries.

The aluminum profiles offered by the company include Construction Series, Industrial Profiles, Formwork systems, Solar Panel Systems, and Louver Tubes. Besides the 4 production bases and more than 83 extrusion lines, WEIYE holds more than 288 state-authorized patents and over 400 international licensed patents. To guarantee successful operations, WEIYE has built an extensive business partnership covering Wholesale, OEM/ODM, and Projects executed in conjunction with real estate companies. The OEM/ODM production lines play an important role in facilitating the production of Weiye Aluminum and Doors and Windows.

WEIYE has distinguished itself as a large-scale aluminum extrusion enterprise offering comprehensive solutions for aluminum extrusion services designed to match different profiles. The production process automation and data management begins with the procurement of aluminum materials down to processing and product molding and logistics. Quality control and accountability are enhanced by fine management and quality monitoring. The company also observes a no defect policy and oversees effective tracking as part of product quality monitoring. As an added incentive, the company offers architectural designers and builders rich color schemes and excellent performance.

As an established brand, WEIYE has an impressive portfolio of various service certificates. These include Authorization to the Quality Sign, Certificate of After Sales Service Certification, Environment Management Systems Certificate, and Certificate for a Coating Applicator. Also featured on the same page are WEIYE Foreign and Domestic Case studies showcasing their projects. The case features landmarks such as Alfa Headquarters, 34th Street Tower, 201 Chinese Weapons & County National Fitness Center.

Contact their sales team via email wywd201@weiye-alu.com if you have any questions. Additional learning and insights about the aluminum extrusion experts’ products and services are available on their blog.

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