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Hamilton, Bermuda, 12th Aug 2022,  Now is an innovative time for blockchain and all things in partnership with it. The NFTs and DeFi have progressed in a short period. But, the meme coin industry with DogeCoinLabs has fired up the market. 

Usually, most meme coins have no real-life application as they’re only notorious for their exceptional traits. The value of the coin rises and falls because of the ask and bid forces. However, DogeCoinLabs have proven that meme coins can give convenience.

DogeCoinLabs – The Most Promising and Rewarding Hyper-Deflationary Coin in the Market

DogeCoinLabs is one of the most rising and profitable hyper-deflationary coins in the industry. The project focuses on moving forward by engaging in the exclusive design of NFT collectibles and metaverse games and applications. 

Its primary goal is to create sustainable cash flow from operations to explore and invest in the ever-growing WEB3 and Metaverse applications such as play-to-earn games, virtual land sales, and much more. 

In addition, DogecoinLabs intends to use part of the free cash flow to buy back its coins in the open market from time to time and, as a result, to decrease the amount of available coin supply. 

This innovative venture will gather artists and game developers to produce thrilling apps and arts. DogeCoinLabs guarantees funding for at least 4 million items production by securing 80% of the total coin supply in a specific escrow account. 

The term of the particular escrow account is for four years. Any coins to be released from the escrow account will be sent to the zero accounts to be burned out entirely. 

The 20% balance of the token supply will be blocked by a third party to be used as a liquidity pool to facilitate the trading on various exchanges.

DogeCoinLabs’ features will benefit it’s holders by:

Features of DogeCoinLabs 

A Unique Hyper-Deflationary Coin

DogeCoinLabs attracts investors due to its reduced market supply, which increases scarcity and raises demand. This allows investors to earn greater profits. The project removes extra tokens from circulation to avoid harming the cryptocurrency’s success. 

10% Hourly BNB Distribution

It provides an hourly steady 10% reward to coin holders on any transaction in the prevalent, liquid token BNB Binance Native Token without taking any risks by staling the tokens and locking them in a DeFi platform which eventually is going to burst. 

Real-Life Applications

DogeCoinLabs is unlike other tokens as it has real-life applications. With DogeCoinLabs, investors will earn money with two of the most profitable trends in the market today: NFT and Metaverse. 

The project expects to create four million NFT art collectibles and Metaverse games and applications as it’s one of the most active creative studios in the industry. 

DogeCoinLabs has designed more than 900,000 art collectives, with an annual production estimation of over one million. 


One of the most exciting features of DogeCoinLabs is that it allows players worldwide to earn rewards with real value by accomplishing tasks, fighting other players, and advancing through several game levels. These benefits come in the form of BNB Binance Native Token as well as other NFTs

Royalty Payment

The primary purpose of DogeCoinLabs is for investors to earn more. That’s why the creators will use the whole amount of NFT collectible sales, 10% royalty payment due, and licensing of Metaverse items to uncover the hottest, most profitable business opportunities. 


DogeCoinLabs’ holders will receive an extraordinary distribution in the form of spin-off newly created public divisions and NFT art collectibles Airdrops

*Safe Harbor statement as an integral part of this press release. The entire financial figures stated in this news release heavily depend on the market condition. Any deterioration in market conditions could adversely affect the financial figures as stated.

Bottom Line

DogeCoinLabs is a new crypto project emphasizing real-life solutions. It’s a foolproof and practical platform for people to create and trade NFT collectibles and Metaverse games and applications. Learning from significant cryptocurrency projects, DogeCoinLabs is destined to rise to the ranks of the crypto industry. 

Several levels of benefits are there to invite investors. Although the project is at the presale level, it can develop into something prominent. 

The meme coin industry has been advancing rapidly in the last few years, and it’s estimated that this area will dominate the crypto universe in the future. DogecoinLabs has established itself as a key player in the entire blockchain ecosystem and will play a major role in years to come.

This news release has been issued without expressing any opinion regarding the merit of investment in the DogeCoinLabs token.

General Contact Information: 

Media Contact

Organization: DogeCoinLabs

Contact Person: Alan Johnson

Email: Send Email

City: Hamilton

Country: Bermuda


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