Vancouver, BC – Baseline Health and Wellness inspires and ignites a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic care, massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, nutrition, and overall body/mind services. As a holistic health clinic, its team of doctors and medical professionals focuses on educating, empowering, and helping patients manage their conditions, whether they’re suffering from recent injuries or chronic pain. Alongside providing responsible care in a welcoming environment, the team educates patients about their body’s organic healing powers and the harmony/balance of an optimally functioning body.

“We look to foster a partnership between the patient and the care provider to establish desired goals and a plan towards achieving those goals.” – Company Representative.

Baseline Health and Wellness believe in the body’s capacity to restore, heal, and revive itself. For this reason, they offer Chiropractic care services to treat whiplash, low back/neck pain, car accident injuries, stress/pain management, Carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches/migraines, and foot/ankle injuries. Patients seeking relief from sciatica, post-operative rehab, stress, knee pain, shoulder pain, arm numbness, or compartment syndrome can visit the Vancouver clinic to receive quality chiropractic care. Their services intend to keep modern, western medicine out of the picture, allowing patients to live a life based on their body’s natural abilities.

The chiropractors treat the nervous system, ligamentous sprains, muscular pains/strains, and joint/bone restrictions. Understanding that symptoms of pain/discomfort come suddenly or unprovoked, the chiropractor works with the patient to uncover the immediate causes and preventive methods. With chiropractic care, patients can reduce/eliminate pain, improve flexibility/mobility, manage headaches, avoid invasive surgeries, relax tight muscles, manage age-related issues, improve balance, and correct muscular injuries.

At the initial intake appointment, the chiropractor conducts a comprehensive patient history before performing a physical/orthopedic assessment of the problem area. They can also screen for diseases, evaluate the biophysical factors contributing to the issue, offer guidance, and recommend exercises/stretches. Chiropractic treatment at the clinic may include a plan for recovery, manual manipulation of the restricted joints, soft tissue work, posture suggestions, or individualized exercise prescription.

The Baseline Health and Wellness team offers physiotherapy to restore the body’s strength/function and acupuncture for increased blood flow. Their intramuscular stimulation techniques reduce pain, and the Registered Massage Therapy services encourage relaxation. They also treat patients who need custom orthotic casting, active rehab, car accident care, traditional Chinese medicine, and other wellness services.

The team of highly educated and supportive medical professionals at the clinic help create safe health programs for patients without the need for invasive surgeries, prescription medications, or other modern treatment methods that mask symptoms. Whether patients need body/pain maintenance, dieting tips, or exercises to improve their fitness, the team helps them make changes that boost their comfort, balance, or lifestyle.

To learn more about their holistic wellness services, visit https://www.baselinewellness.ca/chiropractic-clinic or call (604) 674-4027 to book an appointment. Baseline Health and Wellness is located at 718 W Broadway #202, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1G8, CA.

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