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Grow Up is a unique project on the Binance Smart Chain, featuring a set of upcoming NFTs, future developments, such as staking and a utility currency token! Be sure to buy and hold Grow Up tokens to access our unique ecosystem   Grow Up – a token for every person, both rookies and veterans of crypto investing. We are a fresh launch focusing on the community and enticing steady growth by any means necessary. Its time to Grow Up and take over the entire world! If we all Grow Up together, then we will reach this goal in no time!   Everyone in the BSC space and broader crypto market will hear us, so come along and shout Grow Up!

Grow Up present NFT projects set several goals with the achievement of increasing the price and accessibility of the project. together with the community we hope to help newbies in NFT trade.  For starters we made cheap NFT for beginners. we hope they will understand about transactions in the NFT space and learn various things about it. This will be a passion for them, us and the community.

Roadmap Development for the period 2022-2023

Phase 1:

It includes Recruitment of core team. Doing proper Market Research. Website Branding. Hiring of Marketing & Development and Creating of  Marketing Plan.

Phase 2:

Growth of Social media platforms. GrowUp Launch and Community Building.  Audit, KYC and Private Dox. Staking Launch. Listing on CoinMarketCap  and  Coingecko. Listing on Centralised Exchange.

Phase 3:

Building GrowUp Founder Community.  NFT Art Design Planned.  Major Press Releases.  NFT First Minting. Next NFTs Project Collaboration.

Phase 4:

Crypto Advertising. Digital Land NFTs. Exploring Cross-Chain Opportunities. Adding  More Partners.

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