Pakistani social entrepreneur Sophia Hussain takes over Silicon Valley in STEM, says her idol is Benazir Bhutto. – Emerald Journal


You’ve most likely heard of Sophia Hussain, the 27-year-old Pakistani entrepreneur best known for founding Pakistan’s first digital safe space for mental health, Mujhe Suno. Sophia has gotten thousands of Pakistanis into mental healthcare in just months of its conception and has been a force for mental health awareness in the country.

Hussain recently made waves for her start-up, Mindframe Health, entering coveted Silicon Valley, a huge accomplishment for Pakistani entrepreneurs. Mindframe Health is a cross platform teletherapy service provider that will offer teletherapy well below competitor prices to make therapy affordable and accessible for all. 

“Our current competitors are marketing themselves as “affordable” and “accessible” whilst simultaneously charging consumers as much as an average utility bill every month. That’s just not acceptable.”   

Sophia Hussain plans to add 1,000 jobs in Karachi by mid 2023 by shifting Mindframe operations to Karachi, Pakistan: “My beautiful county has so much talent, especially in tech. It was very important for me to ensure everything I did paid homage to my people and included them. All my C-level executives are from Pakistan as well.”

When asked about her inspiration, Hussain said: “Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto is my greatest inspiration. In 2006, I lost my dad at 11 years old. After my dad passed away, I had no purpose; no sense of direction and wondered why I didn’t feel as cheery as kids around me. During that phase, I had the pleasure of meeting Benazir Bhutto at a family friend’s wedding in New York. All I knew of her then was that my uncle, Kamran Zafar, was a member of her party and that she had helped arrange many marriages of my cousins but other than that, I didn’t know much at 11 years old. In front of me, was this lady who exuded so much grace that even the bride and groom were irrelevant in her presence. She commanded the attention of everyone all while saying nothing. I was in awe. This gave me direction and inspiration to work for something bigger than myself that day. But most importantly she represented the fact that girls from my country can do great things. Her legacy influences & inspires me to this day. She’s had an insurmountable influence on me finding my purpose and helping wherever I can back home.”

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