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Preston, LA, 10th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, 5 STAR CLINIC LTD is hoping to revolutionize the health and wellness market with its ground-breaking approaches, including advanced methods of physiotherapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, along with various massage treatments.

The company believes that these treatments will help treat conditions that result in physical pain and mental anguish. The leading Preston-based pain management clinic is committed to providing non-surgical and minimally invasive relief solutions for individuals with chronic pain. The clinic is also a trustworthy and verified healthcare unit proudly registered and accredited by organizations like Cigna, HCPC, and others.

The clinic offers a holistic approach to wellness that has been shown to increase overall wellbeing significantly more than conventional treatments for a variety of conditions and diseases. The pain relief treatments suggested by 5 STAR CLINIC LTD are also discussed beforehand, depending on the severity of the problem and the intensity and different types of pain. The specialists at 5 STAR CLINIC LTD evaluate each client’s condition before making therapy recommendations that are in line with the analysis.

The customized pain relief regimens, which cost £50, include massage, acupuncture, and hypnosis for fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, and ankle sprains. Additionally, the clinic offers a free evaluation and a 24/7 nurse helpline service to ensure that patients are subjected to adequate treatment and guidance right away.

Speaking of their pain management and wellness treatments, a company representative stated,  We are aware of the burdensome nature of chronic conditions that keep people from going about their daily lives. Our client’s physical and mental wellbeing comes first. We aim to help as many individuals as we can in their recovery from agony, discomfort, and other health conditions, and our exclusive offer invites more people to try non-surgical pain treatment methods.”

He added, “We think that over-the-counter painkillers and home remedies are short-term fixes that quickly lose their effectiveness. Thus, through our holistic approach, we aim to provide individuals with solutions that cover the entire spectrum of health & wellbeing, which in turn enhances their quality of life. This includes affordable, top-notch treatments for a variety of ailments, including neck pain, tennis elbow, knee injuries, back pain, and migraines.”

By offering the most cutting-edge non-surgical techniques at competitive prices, 5 STAR CLINIC LTD is dedicated to ensuring that treatments are accessible to everyone. The therapists at 5 STAR CLINIC LTD are also highly trained and experienced professionals who use proven techniques to treat their patients. Interested individuals can schedule these services using the contact details given below.

About the Company

As one of Preston’s leading pain management clinics, 5 STAR CLINIC LTD, is widely recognized for a variety of therapies to reduce chronic pain and treat the signs of various medical conditions. It provides non-surgical treatments like physiotherapy, hypnosis, acupuncture, and massage. It seeks to assist people in effectively managing their chronic illnesses and additionally offers techniques for reducing stress and improving mental health.

Media Contacts

Company Name: 5 STAR CLINIC LTD

Website: https://www.5starclinicltd.com/

Address: 496 Blackpool Road, Ashton on Ribble, Preston, Lancashire PR2 1HY

Phone: 07537824848 / 07380242622

Email: 5starclinicenquiries@gmail.com


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