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Boston, Aug. 8–As a data-driven system integrator and marketing agency, Celerity helps businesses turn their complex marketing challenges into opportunities for greater revenue by successfully implementing and custom-integrating the Adobe Campaign tool with their technology stack.

This year, Adobe recognized the best Experience Makers under 13 global categories for their outstanding contribution to digital transformation and making the most of the Adobe Experience Cloud technologies. And Celerity, a proud partner of the world’s leading marketing technology vendors, aims to help businesses of all sizes build their marketing automation technology stack for more efficient and simplified customer outreach that can drive values.

Enabling successful Adobe Campaign integration, configuration, and optimization, businesses can efficiently roll out dynamic campaigns and track customer interaction across each touchpoint–online and offline. It syncs all channels in which a brand exists and offers a single interface for campaign orchestration. The result is a more unified, personalized, and lasting customer experience that keeps revenue rolling in.

As brands are investing in content now more than ever, the significance of MarTech becomes more translucent–it’s efficient. And getting rich customer data at one’s fingertips and on a single pane of glass lets businesses take the guesswork out of campaign performance, deliver more relevant content, channelize the marketing efforts efficiently, and strengthen their decision-making for higher conversions.

According to a study published in Invespcro, leveraging marketing automation technologies can drive up to 14.5% growth in sales productivity and decrease average marketing overhead by 12.2%. While 80% of MarTech users witnessed a boost in the number of leads flowing into their businesses, 77% had an increase in conversions.

In line with the partnership with Adobe Campaign, the Celerity team tries to break dreaded data silos and help businesses configure and standardize Adobe Campaign to pull out the correct customer data at the right time from the right schema. Brands can maximize their omnichannel marketing execution and real-time marketing automation to grow a stronger and longer customer lifetime value.

While Adobe Campaign supports seamless integration with other services in the Adobe Marketing Cloud ecosystem, Celerity claims it can sync the tool with different marketing technologies within various sectors–CRM, eCommerce, web analytics, customer analytics, and more.

The Elsevier company claims that while some of its business units reported a 30% increase in open rates, some witnessed a 5% rise in click-through after leveraging the Adobe Campaign integration and standardization service by Celerity.

“Our experience with Adobe Marketing Cloud Integration and customization means you benefit from unequaled expertise. We can integrate AEM CMS, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Analytics to move your team towards 80% cross-channel automation and amazing customer experience,” explains Jean-Philippe Cauchy, former Head of Adobe Marketing Cloud Practice and System Integration at Celerity.

Celerity, a division of Paragon Customer Communication, is an accredited Adobe Marketing Cloud partner and Adobe Campaign integration expert that received the prestigious Partner Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution in 2014. The company strives to help brands create a more personalized, holistic, and unified customer experience for improved campaign efficacy and sales. To learn more about Celerity’s Adobe Campaign integration service, visit https://www.celerity-is.com/

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