Roof Peak Safety Anchor With Lanyard


The new product, called the RidgePro Roof Peak Anchor, comes with a 50-foot shock-absorbing lanyard. It complies with OSHA safety standards and can carry up to 5,000 pounds at any given time.

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This latest product is made from durable yet lightweight aluminum, making it easy to carry and install on worksites. It can be used by contractors, roofers, solar panel installers, chimney sweepers, and inspectors.

Roofing-related jobs are some of the most perilous in the country. According to industry data, there are about 39 casualties per 100,000 workers in this business.

High-quality safety anchors can arrest falls, sparing business owners from paying steep medical bills for injured employees and lowering their legal risks. Fall Protection Distributors only sells systems from trusted manufacturers like RidgePro, which is recognized for its innovative product design.

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The RidgePro Roof Peak Anchor can be installed faster than standard “chicken ladders” and allows for horizontal mobility. Its base has been padded to prevent scratching and denting of the roof. This anchor is compatible with both 6/12 and 12/12 roof pitches. Buyers are reminded that the extension pole is sold separately.

Most orders are shipped within one to two business days, barring any extenuating circumstances. All products purchased are covered by a seven-day return policy.

About Fall Protection Distributors

Fall Protection Distributors understands that safe workplaces equate to profitable businesses. As such, it sells high-quality safety equipment that minimizes risks and reduces the occurrence of accidents. In addition to roof anchors, the store also carries rope grabs, anchorage systems, safety kits, and rescue equipment.

A spokesperson says: “As the business owners, it is your duty to ensure the safety of all your employees. This entails procuring effective safety equipment such as the RidgePro Roof Peak Anchor. With this tool in your arsenal, you not only greatly minimize fatal falls but also increase the productivity of your team. It’s a cost-effective solution that offers many benefits.”

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