Getting to know the successful musician these days | jamos parsa

Jamos Parsa, a famous Iranian artist who was born on 01/15/1375, unmarried, the second and last child of the family.

Jamos Parsa, a rapper who started his professional and official career in 2017, upon his arrival in Iran.

Jamos Parsa, who lived in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia for a few years after his birth and after his arrival in Iran in 2012, started his life with new developments.

He always believes that to start anything, you have to be born again became.

Since 2017, jamos parsa music has been released as a single track under the label of Avidan Master and Jamos Master.

In his first official album, and according to him, his most famous and most popular song in this album was the song (Najva), which set the download record among the rest of the songs in his album, and this music was also the most popular among his fans.

Considering that his main instrument is the electric guitar, his interest and experience is mostly in the field of metal and rock music, which he started rapping after the release of his first album.

In his first album, with the collaboration of Ali Kavousi and DJ Hamid khareji, Jamos was able to make his fans happy as beautifully as possible and also solidified his place in this music world.

Considering Jamos Parsa’s very fast progress in music and the increase of his fans since the release of his first music until now, it can be said that in the next year, we can see Jamos Parsa’s name in the top 10 singers of the country.

Also, you can follow Jamos Parsa’s Instagram to find out about his music, with best wishes for each and every Iranian musician.





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