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Being a huge die-heart Disney Fan, everyone is motivated to assist in adding up a fascination with the fictitious world of Disney through our recommended Adriana Pendleton Franchise. Awaring that Disney is successfully launching and focusing on many more products, and owning companies, let’s put efforts creatively so that Disney can consider owning the franchise in the near future.

While keeping in mind the sheer guidelines of Disney’s policies, the content must be created strictly following the idea to make it one that is family-oriented, entertaining, empowering, enthusiastic, and inspirational.

About Adriana Pendleton

The character of Adriana Charlotte Pendleton is a powerhouse of amusement, purposely challenging our potential to do a lot more to make it enriched with fascination and entertainment in every possible way.

Adriana Pendleton is the Royal Daughter who was born from the God of Heaven. The princess/heroine is well-trained and well-composed with advanced skills that make her energy, spirit, and power totally incomparable. She is a 21-year-old original American girl. 

Adriana’s Outfit Designs

Her outfit collection was added that she would wear them anytime. First, that is Adriana’s regular outfit, second is her party outfit, and the third one is her Frozen II travel outfit.

Then, her casual uniform including her jersey and cardigan (buttonless/with buttons).

More than just being a cartoon character!

The amazing elegant brilliance of this character just won’t stop here; without any further delay, we will be explaining the fictional character of Adriana Pendleton so you may know more to make our petition happen.

– Adventurous and Vibrant

This high-spirited Disney character is vibrant and zealous to explore all the corners of this world. She is all prepared to survive alone with her fascinating spirit while visiting the other parts of the Disney universe.

– Loyalty and Kindness

Being a royal princess/heroine of the God of Heaven, she is loyal and caring to her companions and other individuals.

– Enthusiasm

Her energy is matchless; be it her adventurous nature, vibrant and friendly attitude, fighting spirit, or her matchless energy, she is uniquely enthusiastic in all aspects.

– Friendliness

Her passion for exploring the whole Disney universe and her cordial nature will let her meet and make new friends.

– Incomparable Aura/Magic/Vibe/Energy

Her fun-filled company has a different vibe that the audience will love while watching her anywhere. She is enthusiastic, adventurous, fantastic and inspirational.

– She is Enough!

Adriana knows how to survive alone without any partner (girlfriend/boyfriend). She can explore the world, fight all the lows, and survive as she is alone enough for herself.

– Powerhouse of Entertainment

Just like we suppose other Disney characters to be a whole package of entertainment, Adriana is a wholesome character that can amuse the audience throughout her screen-time.

– Courageous/True Fighter

Adriana is a powerful heroine who makes her way to winning in every war. She is a fighter, a doer who has to learn the art and skills of fighting, using her magic powers, and being a Disney Princess in her role, it’s in her blood.

– An Expert Athlete

She is a pro-athlete who loves doing gymnastics, aerobics, climbing, fighting, swimming, dancing, exercising, singing, etc. It makes her actively enjoy her life.

– Merchandise for Adriana Pendleton

This mesmerizing character will also have some utile merchandise like toys, gift cards, figures, and other playable collections in her juvenile appearance.

– Singing Sensation

Her proposed music cover for Disney music world will be a uniquely composed, recorded and produced song played on real instruments, especially in orchestra and band. The cover will be sung in her enchanting voice (including backing vocals or with chorus) with other favorite songs, “I Am Enough” by Cimorelli, and perform “Little Miss Perfect,” “Only Pretend”, and “Distant Melody.” as in Peter Pan Live! style.

– Character Presentation/Animated Character Presentations

Her animated character will be displayed in 2D and 3D animation in her own Disney media franchise. It will include games, movies, shorts, comics, television/sitcom series, and books.

With G-rating, Adriana Pendleton Franchise will have series, short films, and movies in a 2:35:1 aspect ratio. Her theme song will be composed in 4/4, Db, and 120BPM.

Other Characters of Adriana’s Pendleton World!

Four other Disney characters will perform parallel in Adriana Pendleton’s world. Dawlyn “Dude” Duck (Preteen Duck), voiced by Noah Baird, voiced by Paget Brewster, Dumbella “Delia” Vanderquack (Animal Duck), Madeline Elizabeth Winter (Disney Princess), voiced by Mandy Moore, and Clara Grace Heaven (Glad Girl), voiced by Laura Bailey.

  • Adriana’s main catchphrase: “One day, I’m gonna explore the whole world in my life and I will look forward to experiencing every possibility with all my great famous adventure!”
  • Dawlyn’s main catchphrase: “Well, I got my hands on my sword as a protective weapon and I will defend and fight for my life!”
  • Dumbella’s main catchphrase: “I’m such a perfect girl, which anyone could do that better.”
  • Madeline’s main catchphrase: “How truely amazing that everything balanced up perfectly.”
  • Clara’s main catchphrase: “There is a lot of sunshine and happiness will bring good results and peace to everyone.”
  • Delilah’s main catchphrase: “Meet me where the music meets the sea!”
  • Victoria’s main catchphrase: “Magic is in your heart, Believe it, and you’ll be a great star, ready to follow your miracle imagination.”

Voice Style & Cast

In addition, the voice cast confirmed that all the characters speaking and singing in an American accent (US English): Taylor Louderman-voicing Adriana Pendleton, sounded as a very beautiful young lady/woman. Noah Baird-voicing Dawlyn Duck sounded different like Dewey Duck from DuckTales 2017. Paget Brewster-voicing Dumbella Vanderquack sounded the same voice of Della Duck. Mandy Moore-voicing Madeline Winter sounded as a graceful beauty princess. Laura Bailey-voicing Clara Heaven sounded familiar like Jane Stewart from Peter Pan: Return to Neverland.

The Equipment and 3 Media Acquired

Adriana has her adventure storybook, wand, princess staff and sword, including Dawlyn had his sword too. Matt Groening will create and produce the Disney+ original series – The Wonderful World of Adriana Pendleton and Adriana’s Experiences, and also one movie – Adriana Pendleton’s Fancy Tale will be produced too. All the media have a G-rating, produced in 2:35:1 anamorphic ratio, no original music playing during the story, no dream sequences, no location pictures showing up before the characters in the series, created by Toonz Media Group, and they are non-international (no different language versions) and English-version-only.

Let’s sign a petition to make it to Disney World!

This character will be explained through an article on Wikipedia, an official Website titled,, and through the official social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter.

This character has paved your heart, highly passionate about making Disney’s own Adriana Pendleton Franchise. This is a potential character that Taylor Louderman will voice as she is ready to verbalize the ardent character Adriana Pendleton.

A popular 100% guaranteed announcement video of the Adriana Pendleton Franchise is on YouTube, having 1000+ views on a YouTube channel named ‘Adriana Pendleton’, where a video playlist regarding this character is available. 1500+ viewers have already signed the petition to cast this fanatic character into Disney world. The campaign agreement must be strongly accepted and the purpose is to convince Disney to create the Adriana Pendleton Franchise for good.

Meta Description

Who is Adriana Pendleton – An incredible, mighty, brave, heroic, and famous heroine worldwide. Learn more about this pro-Disney fan!

Who is Dawlyn Duck – A best experienced duck warrior/fighter.

Who is Dumbella Vanderquack – A legendary duck queen as a true Disney Legend.

Who is Madeline Winter – A fancy princess and a wonderful ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’ girl in a graceful and joyful beauty.

Who is Clara Heaven – An extraordinary glad girl.


More upcoming characters in this franchise are confirmed (US English): Delilah Pearl Honey Duck (Ariana Grande)-Dawlyn’s girlfriend.

Next up: Blair Joy Osborne (Katie Crown), Lavender Brooke Wright (Abbi Jacobson), Gabrielle Beauty Lopez (Sabrina Carpenter), Victoria Claire Teagarden (Lucy Montgomery), Kimberly Flower Jackiewicz (Meredith Hanger), Nicole Peyton Amendola (Lilla Crawford), Benjamin Valente Quevedo (Kevin Duda) and Raymond Gardner Edelbrock (Justin Timberlake).


This rich media content will possibly help to solve problems and make a perfect world, without unwanted details and using new details for the whole franchise. Once Adriana debuts to Disney, she will use her magic to fix everything, eliminate all the bad things away including erasing the characters’ existing fears/hated things and return the world back to normal.

There are some correct true details of technical specifications used: 

  • No original music playing during the story as it has opening/closing themes and cover songs only
  • Using real music instruments for composing, producing & recording
  • One focusing attention on the main stories, no subplots
  • No bad things/incidents & problems, only good and happy times
  • No location pictures before characters in series like in movies
  • Poster-featured characters only, no wildlife
  • 2:35:1 aspect ratio anamorphic picture format
  • Non-international, English-language-version-only, and only available in America
  • MPAA G-rating system in every movies, series and shorts
  • Only a single season in every shows
  • New animation company is Toonz Media Group creating/producing series, shorts and movies
  • Recording and sound mixed and mastered in an environmental effect like in CGI
  • 4K Ultra HD picture format in every media
  • The story always in the real world

Adriana Pendleton’s World is always a happy and good place! Best activities to enjoy and play!

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