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Utilizing the latest technologies and high-quality materials, the company helps homeowners ensure the sturdiness of their roofs during high winds and rough weather, common in Bellevue in late fall and early winter.

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Orca Roofing now offers an expanded range of roofing types, including Brava roof tile, metal, PVC, TPO, torch down, composite shingle, flat roof, and others. The service is also available to homeowners in the Greater Eastside.

How long a roof lasts depends on the materials that it is made of, in terms of its quality and type. It also depends on the severity of the weather in the area and the workmanship of the roof’s original installers. To this effect, the team at Orca Roofing aims to provide high-quality roofing installation to ensure long-lasting results.

Following an initial consultation, the company’s team visits the client’s home to evaluate the condition of their roof and provide an accurate cost estimate. At the same time, clients get to work with an Orca Roofing project manager to determine the least-invasive timeline to complete the roofing project. The project manager then schedules and manages the roofers according to the client’s timeline to ensure minimal disruptions to their daily life.

For severely damaged roofs, Orca Roofing uses highly trained roofers to ensure the best possible replacement outcome. The team can replace the roof of a 3,000-square-foot home quickly, depending on the weather, complexity, roof type, and accessibility.

When done using the right materials and maintained properly, residential roofs can last a long time, and Orca Roofing stacks their 5-year full coverage warranty on top of the 50-year manufacturer’s warranty to give clients peace of mind.

About Orca Roofing

Orca Roofing is a premium roofing company based in Bellevue, Washington. The company offers full-service residential roof installation and replacement for flat/TPO roofing, composition/asphalt shingles, metal, and composite/Brava roof tiles, as well as gutter & downspout replacement.

A spokesperson for the company said: “As a local residential roofing contractor, we only provide the level of service that we would expect if it were your own home. To us, quality roofing service means providing long-lasting roof replacements, without compromising your family’s privacy (or sanity) during the process.”

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