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Affirmative Mirrors by artist Elena Bulatova is a collection of artwork that features positive statements with a universal message. Most artwork is designed to be viewed, to be gazed upon – When you gaze into the Affirmative Mirrors collection by artist Elena Bulatova, you are the art! Designed as a mirror with a backlight of color-changing LED lights, this is an interactive artwork that is intended to remind the viewer of their true self-worth.

As Bulatova herself explains “These art pieces are executed on polished stainless steel with a mirrored surface, giving the observer the opportunity to see the reflection of themself, while they read the affirmation”. In addition to this breathtaking sight, the letters continuously change color with LED lights, assuring even more stimulation to the brain. Each artwork comes equipped with a remote control for the LED lights for an even more personalized experience. The collection currently features the following statements of affirmation: You Are Awesome, You Are Amazing, and You Are Beautiful.

The letters on this artwork spell out a concept we can all relate to. Anyone that’s been discriminated against, unaccepted, unappreciated, or disrespected can gaze into this artwork to be reminded of their value. Bulatova believes the world needs more positivity and uses artwork such as this unique collection to share affirmative messages with viewers.

Elena Bulatova uses her talented hands to create artwork that inspires others. She stands for a movement of positive change and reinforces that positivity is the new ‘cool’. Artwork can be used to complement a room, and it can have an impact on the space in which it occupies. By hanging an Affirmative Mirror in your space, you are bringing positivity and lifting all who enter. These artworks are a must-see and serve as a reminder for all viewers of their inner worth!

Elena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas
3720 South Las Vegas Boulevard

United States

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