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CA, United States, 6th Aug 2022, King NewsWire, AEV Charging offers businesses and homes reliable, innovative electric vehicle (EV) chargers. The company is committed to its vision of a world that doesn’t depend on oil.

By 2050, the number of cars in the world will double, the World Bank predicts. This will lead to significant pollution. Bloomberg NEF (BNEF), ZEV Factbook details that the world fleet of four-wheeled road vehicles is now nearly 1.5 billion and growing rapidly.

The International Energy Agency announced the initiative “Net Zero Emissions by 2050”, which aims to reduce the negative impact on the planet. All major automobile companies declared their support of this initiative and refusal to produce cars with internal combustion engines in the near future. For example, Tesla is currently building three plants to produce electric cars in Europe.

AEV Charging was founded a few years ago because the founders noticed that the growth of the EV market would also trigger the growth of the EV charger market. Firstly, it is necessary to build the missing infrastructure of EV charging stations for the growing fleet of EV, and secondly, every owner of an electric car can afford to buy a home charging station (for each of its permanent location of the EV) and a portable charging station.

The size of the future market can be seen in the Global EV Outlook 2022 report, which shows that the global EV market will grow to $53 trillion by 2050, when all cars will be electric. Therefore, in the near future, the EV market will find an explosive growth phase from $200 billion today to $53 trillion by 2050. All electric cars will need charging stations, and AEV Charging aims to be a reliable supplier in Electric Vehicle Revolution time.

According to BNEF, there are near 1.8 million public charging stations installed worldwide.  However, this is just scratching the surface of the raging demand. AEV Charging take parts in providing EV charging ports every 60 km along most roads and highways. The company is also delivering EV home chargers.

According to AEV Charging co-founder and CEO Eugene Arutyunyan “In addition to the main U.S. office, we have a talented Research and Development office (R&D) in Europe. The European and Chinese EV markets are now the leaders and are growing much faster than any other market. There are very talented engineers in Europe and we are happy to have such a strong development team R&D in our company.”

The AEV Charging Europe office is working closely with the Austrian Business Agency. AEV Charging is also working with other government organizations in Europe and international organizations to actively pursue its path toward a future that does not depend on oil. AEV Charging’s innovative chargers have been serving the EV market for more than seven years.

“The AEV Charging brand is now gaining its reputation in the market, but it should be noted that the IONITY network of BEV charging stations and other well-known partners use our models under their brands under white label agreements.”

AEV Charging is based on a commitment to energy efficiency and innovative, reliable production. The CEO of AEV Charging informs that the company is focused on reducing energy loss during delivery to customers to ensure minimal operating costs and high profitability for customers.


“Our company is happy to invite new customers, to whom we will present our know-how and investors who want to make money from the Electric Vehicle Revolution” Eugene shares.

Businesses and individuals can try out AEV Charging by contacting an AEV expert on the company’s website.


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