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The addition of an extra property into the company’s collection ensures that tenants of the newly-opened Cannes residence can have complete peace of mind about moving into the complex. All inhabitants will be welcomed and consulted with in order to maintain a sense of peace and harmony within the community.

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By choosing to manage an additional residential complex within its scheme, Stratacare is helping building owners and resident committees to build strong relationships and achieve positive outcomes. All of the company’s employees are guided by the principle of treating everybody with friendliness, patience, and respect. The combined knowledge, experience, and expertise of the management team will be leveraged in situations where problem-solving and negotiations are required.

The appointment of a Body Corporate Management team stands to benefit both property owners and tenants in numerous ways. First and foremost, the team will ensure that all legislative requirements are met, safeguarding the residents’ tenancies and the property’s value. Secondly, the Body Corporate Manager will maintain all necessary records and perform day-to-day tasks. In addition, the team can also serve as an objective intermediary that can resolve disputes and de-escalate conflicts between residents.

Stratacare has developed into an organisation whose primary focus is on people and relationships. Every action taken or decision made is centred around building, maintaining, and improving the relationships with all of the company’s clients. All residential units are assigned with dedicated support teams that oversee the areas of compliance, maintenance, insurance, and development consultancy.

The company has worked hard on creating a work environment that minimises the rate of staff turnover. This ensures that all senior team members have the necessary experience to implement proven processes and management strategies. All buildings are assigned to a dedicated manager that have a thorough knowledge of both the facilities and the key stakeholders.

Based in Southport, Queensland, Stratacare looks to remove the unnecessary complications associated with the management and maintenance of medium and large-scale residential complexes.

A leading Body Corporate Manager said: “Cannes Waterfront is a beautiful development and the company is excited to get to work.”

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