Essential Oil Recipe Blends To Promote Digestion


The new report includes specialist insights from a certified aromatherapist, Jennifer Lane, outlining the importance of managing gut health and offering a range of recipes to improve digestion.

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With the newest release, Loving Essential Oils continues to provide readers with useful guidance and at-home natural blends that promote optimal digestion.

Aromatherapist Jennifer Lane begins the article by outlining the general benefits of essential oils for the body, explaining that they can help to support the body’s natural systems and improve overall health when used correctly. She adds that many essential oils can have soothing properties that can improve digestion.

The report goes on to explain that while digestive issues may be common, they can lead to more serious issues such as malnutrition, impaired immune function and fatigue. However, the author offers a number of essential oils that can be used as aromatherapy tools for an optimal digestive system. This includes ginger, peppermint, basil, cinnamon, and more.

As the article goes on, Loving Essential Oils provides the reader with guidance and recipes for five essential oil blends that have been developed to help support digestive health. Recipes include a Digestive Support Roller Blend, which uses antibacterial cardamom to support gut health, a Belly Discomfort Massage Oil using peppermint, marjoram and distilled lime to help reduce bloating, and an inhaler blend using basil and peppermint essential oils to help control queasiness and an upset stomach.

The latest guide also provides readers with a recipe for a chamomile essential oil blend designed to aid with digestion after eating. The author also provides resources for her research and suggests the company’s preferred essential oil companies to purchase from.

“Your digestive system is the beginning of everything you do,” states certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane. “Your gut health impacts more than just digestion though. It can also affect mood, weight and even skin quality. That’s why I’m here to help with essential oil blends for gut health.”

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