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United Kingdom, 5th Aug 2022, Good news for the hunting Air Rifle lovers. Air Rifle UK launches a new website designed to help people choose the best air rifle for their individual need. Choosing the best air rifle for your needs is a surprisingly complex task, with the need to first select what type of air rifle you want, for example:

  1. Spring Powered Air Rifle
  2. PCP Air Rifle
  3. Gas Ram Air Rifle
  4. CO2 Air Rifle 

Even when a would-be air rifle shooter decides this, there’s still considerations around the choice of calibre of gun, budget, and more. These options are mostly determined by use of rifle (target practice,  pest control, or hunting), and budget. 

Air Rifle UK will guide readers through their needs, to hep guide them to select the best air rifle for their individual situation. Taking the complexity and confusion out of buying an air rifle.

Where Can You Shoot an Air Rifle in The UK?

Where you shoot your air rifle is often dictated by your use of the air rifle. This also contributes towards what air rifle is best for your needs. Options include:

  • Shooting targets in your back garden
  • Shoot in a club for fun or competitively
  • Pest control, shooting rats or other vermin
  • Hunting – Yes, you can take out small quarry like rabbits, for food.

Examples of Types of Air Rifle;

Low Budget Air Rifle £85 TO £200

  • SMK B2 Deluxe Air Rifle
  • BSA Meteor Evo Silentium

Medium Budget Air Rifles: £250 TO £500

  • Snow peak Regulated PCP Air Rifle 
  • Gamo Coyote Air Rifle


  • Air arms S510 TDR Walnut Stock
  • Air arms Galahad Carbine PCP air Rifle
  • WEIHRAUCH HW100 PCP air Rifle

If you want to explore more options in. Your hunt for an air rifle, visit Air Rifle UK website 

Reason why you should choose Air Rifle for hunting?

  • Air rifles are incredibly quiet
  • Simple to use
  • Air Rifles are excellent training tools because to their affordable pellets and straightforward construction
  • No FAC certificate needed in the UK (provided the air rifle is below 12 ft lbs)

Cautions to be considered while selecting air rifle for hunting 

It’s crucial to consider the type of game you’ll be hunting while choosing an air rifle for which purpose. Typically, a.177 or a 22 can be used to hunt rabbit, squirrel, or birds. These low-cost, incredibly accurate, and quiet weapons are excellent for both target practise and hunting small prey. You don’t have to worry about ammunition breakdown, and it is cheap and plentiful.

Discover more about how to choose the best Air Rifle on Air Rifle UK website. 

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