StrideCharge is a patent-pending technology that improves existing wireless charging capabilities. Recently, it introduced the iPhone-compatible charging case and mounts for cyclists.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 3rd Aug 2022, StrideCharge is a patent-pending technology that improves existing wireless charging capabilities by allowing users to securely mount their phone to their bike and charge it wirelessly with the touch of a button. In the latest expansion, StrideCharge launches new iPhone-compatible charging cases and mounts for cyclists. 

Using iPhone compatible charging case and mounts by StrideCharge, people can listen to music and enjoy all their favorite apps anywhere, anytime. The team at StrideCharge created the first of its kind design and the product is suited for all levels of cyclists. With StrideCharge iPhone cases and mounts, cyclists can securely mount their phone to their bike and charge it wirelessly.

Whether the users are commuters, long-distance cyclists, or bike couriers, StrideCharge will keep their phones charged and fully operational with the simple push of a button. The patent-pending design uses an innovative wireless charging system. Because it mounts to the bike, cyclists will never have to worry about their phone running out of battery power mid-ride. 

The Stride Bike Mount is a convenient way to keep the phone secure and within view on all bike rides. It is constructed from high quality ABS and TPU, and is designed to withstand even the most rugged terrain. The no-slip, tight grip ensures that the phone will not move even on the roughest roads. The Stride Bike Mount also adjusts to fit most handlebars. The durable, easy-to-install bike mount attaches to handlebars without needing any tools.

We know how frustrating it is to have your phone die while using your favorite tracking app, checking the trail map, or tuning in to your favorite song. That’s because we’ve been there and done that,” said a spokesperson for StrideCharge. “With StrideCharge, we wanted to create a product that would allow cyclists to stay safe and connected while cycling.” 

Cyclists can use StrideCharge for the following purposes

  • Stay connected while cycling
  • Keep their phone fully charged
  • Access maps and directions
  • Listen to music or podcasts
  • Stay safe and aware while cycling

The spokesperson for StrideCharge adds further, 

“At StrideCharge, we are passionate about helping people lead active lifestyles. That’s why we’ve designed our products to be not only effective but also easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist, StrideCharge can help you get the most out of your rides. And it’s not just cycling where StrideCharge is making a difference. We are also working hard to bring our products to other popular sports and activities. Whatever your passion, StrideCharge can help you take your performance to the next level.”

For more information about the StrideCharge case and mount, visit stridecharge.com.

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