Fateme nicknamed Fatima was born on September 12, 1990 in Tehran.

Fatima continued her studies in the field of clinical psychology in Tehran and received a bachelor’s degree in 2012.

In 1395, Fatima started working with the establishment of Arsam Modeling Company and continued her activities in this field until 1399 after the birth of her daughter.

Fatima started her singing activity in 2017 with the cooperation of her husband and took her singing class under the supervision of her husband Mohsen Avid (singer).

Fatima has played more than 350 songs so far and most of the people remember her music.

In one of her interviews, Fatima says that she has been very interested in music and various instruments, including the guitar, since she was a child.

This made him go to guitar and dulcimer classes at the age of 12, and his interest in playing grew more and more since childhood.

Fatima Avid, who has more than several thousand followers on her Instagram, said in her last post that she plans to release her new music for free out of respect for the recent killing of innocent animals.

Also, one of the reasons for Fatima Avid’s popularity is her infinite talent.

And this talent has made her to be experienced in playing all instruments.

Fatima Avid, who is one of the active supporters of animals, has always been present in most of the good works for animals.

You can also find out about her music and musical works on Fatima Avid’s Instagram

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