USA – Force 5, Inc. has over a decade of experience working to solve its target audience’s business problems with proven technology solutions. They have worked with several Top 500 companies in the utility sector, ensuring that their information security, compliance, and integration needs are solved easily through tested software solutions. Focused on doing more, the company launched its NERC compliance software with high-transaction, secure IBM mainframe heritage, and more.

With the Force 5, Inc. NERC compliance software, known as the Gatekeeper, they have shown their commitment to blending commercial software with custom application development and professional services to truly deliver business value.

“Force 5 works extensively with clients who are evaluating and implementing security solutions around the Tivoli product family and business-critical integration focused around IBM’s WebSphere products. Force 5 delivers highly-focused, customized security solutions to meet the growing demands for Identity and Access Management along with Security Information and Event Management,” said the company’s spokesperson.

With their software solution, clients in the energy and utility sector can enjoy an array of features delivered from a single unified platform. Some common features of the Gatekeeper software solution include perimeter security logging, which ensures that all visits are logged and offers a dashboard awareness tool that aids in monitoring visitors and personnel as they enter and exit the facility. The tool also comes with a NERC CIP standard reporting to ensure proper updates on movement in and around the facility. Another important feature of the software solution is the Point of Entry Compliance which ensures that enterprise-level contractors are fully compliant with safety and security standards before they’re allowed to log into the facility. The perimeter enForce is offered as individual sets or in temporary, mobile modular units.

Businesses in the utility sector looking to learn more about Force 5, Inc. and its solution will also find that the software comes with Certification tracking to allow enterprises to manage, grant, and track required certifications for plant or specified area entry, control management that leverages a powerful identify, certification, visit logging, advanced scheduling, alerts, dashboards, and reporting tools to simplify contractor management, and emergency muster point solutions that provides a real-time roster in the event of an emergency.

Other added features on the Gatekeeper software include a visitor management system, device control, and key management that securely tracks and manages physical keys for accountability and improved workplace safety.

Force 5, Inc. remains committed to helping businesses in the utility sector maintain safety and compliance standards in line with NERC ICP guidelines. They can be reached via phone at (786) 259-0084 or via their website. Force 5, Inc. is located at 4390 SW 73rd Ave, Miami, FL, 33155, US.

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