Now, business executives and managers can stylishly introduce themselves with a business card that links to their customizable digital profile, including contact information, website, videos, social media, calendar, and more.

More details can be found at https://mtap.io/shop-nfc/black-digital-business-card

The new NFC-enabled digital business card can be personalized with a logo or brand name. The opulent-looking device allows for more creative freedom, providing companies with enough area to add more details about their business, including rich media links. The letterhead prints are available in gold, silver, and white.

New users simply have to create their mTap profile to upload their contact information and link to their various websites and social media. Then, they need to activate their mTap and connect it to their profile. Once their business card is activated, they can begin to share their profile with colleagues, prospects, and customers with a simple tap of their iPhone or Android.

Because mTap uses state-of-the-art accessible technology, receivers of the cards do not have to download the app. After tapping the card or scanning the QR code, the user’s digital profile will be displayed on their preferred browser. The company explains that this win-win situation gives business executives more freedom and convenience to introduce themselves in the modern age.

The digital profile links to critical business information, such as contact data and URLs for personal websites, portfolios, social media accounts, and calendars. mTap explains that not only do their digital business cards provide a convenient solution to keep people more connected, but they also save trees used for producing traditional paper cards. Further details can be found at https://mtap.io/nfc-tag/mtap-business-cards

mTap ships all around the world. After payment has been verified, cards are shipped within 48 hours. The company currently serves clients around the USA, Canada, UK, India, UAE, and Australia.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our cards outperform the majority of our competitors, and all of them include a QR code for older phones. They are both more sophisticated in terms of technology and more visually appealing. Use them to schedule work appointments and provide clients with payment options.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://mtap.io


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