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Fidexbank offers crypto banking with core values based on the customer’s request, security and understanding of cryptocurrencies and digital assets to meet financial needs. Recently, the company has drawn attention to the significant differences between crypto banks and crypto exchanges.

Nysted, Denmark, 2nd Aug 2022, The legal name of Fidexbank is Fidex ApS. It is listed as a security and commodity contracts brokerage company in the central business register of Denmark with approval as a financial service provider within fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets.

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority has approved the registration of Fidex ApS on 25.2.2021 following the Danish anti-money laundering act. It is registered as a virtual asset service provider under the Danish FSA with id 17510.

Fidexbank’s crypto banking services focus on the following points:

  1. Fidexbank is a crypto bank registered as a financial service provider with permission from a financial supervisory authority to conduct financial business.
  2. The customer at the Fidexbank receives a guarantee on deposits and trades with security in banking, exchange, brokerage, asset management and other financial services, just like with traditional banks.
  3. Fidexbank handless data and operate by using cold wallets, servers with a secure network, and managing all data with encryption so no one can access it without authorization from the customer.
  4. Fidexbank is not a crypto exchange and will execute any buy and sell order immediately at the agreed price with its liquidity, just like when exchanging currencies in a traditional bank.
  5. Fidexbank uses dollars or euros as a buffer and hedging to provide security for liquidity, trades, transactions, and investment packages.

Fidexbank offers the following services to its users and clients:

  1. Crypto banking
  • Account managing
  • Advising
  • Financing
  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal
  • Exchange: The Exchange cryptocurrencies directly with their large amounts of liquidity at market pricing set in euros and avoid waiting for orders to be met with price changes or cancelled.
  • Wallets: The company uses cold wallets to secure all customer funds against unauthorized intruders and unknown curiosity. It is the safest way to store digital assets. In addition, they cover up to €100,000 or the equivalent amount of the available deposit balance per customer as part of their insurance of funds.
  1. Brokerage Service
  • Portfolio management: Achieve good results with full or partial portfolio management.
  • Signals: It is a great advantage to have signals delivered quickly, safely and on time from experts to avoid any vital trading-related information.
  • Technical analysis: It facilitates preparation on how to look at particular trading. 
  1. Trading service
  • Assigned wealth manager
  • It generates the secure and profitable management of wealth to beat inflation rates and achieve positive returns regardless of how financial markets develop.
  • A minimum of €50,000 or equivalent cryptocurrency value is required to use this service.

Intending users and potential clients must visit the official website for more information.

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