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Following the announcement, the certified regeneration medicine doctor now provides patients across the UK with the latest medical treatment options for ligament injuries based on stem-cell therapy and other alternative methods.

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With the incidence of musculoskeletal dysfunction increasing due to a continuing rise in the older population, Professor Lee’s expansion offers access to treatment options in line with global orthopedic standards. His private clinics in London offer a wide range of innovative treatments for knee and hip conditions, including cartilage regeneration, meniscus repair, and cell-based repair surgery.

Due to the stress of bearing the full weight of a person’s body while permitting complete flexibility for optimised motion, the knees and hips are often susceptible to various forms of injuries. While pain commonly arises from arthritis, sporting activities and accidents can also cause gradual wear and tear of bones and ligaments.

Professor Lee’s early adoption of the latest surgical techniques in musculoskeletal injury treatments has helped him build a strong reputation in the elite sports industry.

Patients gain access to a comprehensive suite of treatment options that include physical therapy, medication, and surgery. He uses various stem-cell treatment approaches for musculoskeletal-related pain, including knee/hip healing, tendon rehabilitation, and regeneration injections.

Thanks to his efforts in orthopedics, Professor Lee has also won several research grants exploring groundbreaking developments in general trauma, cell regeneration, cartilage cell therapy, actovegin, and more.

About Professor Lee

Professor Paul Y.F. Lee is a double board-certified knee/hip consultant, surgeon, and regeneration medicine doctor. He is recognised in the professional sports and academic circles as a leader in orthopedic surgery, therapy, and research. Professor Lee is the medical director of the London Cartilage Clinic and MSK Doctors.

A representative said, “Combining surgery, technology, engineering, and medical principles, Professor Lee has taken cell therapy to the next level. He regularly performs treatments to cartilage and meniscus using the latest biomedical materials and surgical techniques. Because of his status as an authority, Professor Lee also sits on the board of several professional bodies and serves as an expert witness for medical-legal cases.”

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Professor Lee
108 Harley Street
London Sports and Injuries Clinic
United Kingdom

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