California, US, 31st July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst, CEO of Futuristic Energy Group, initiates an Incentive Procurement Program as a part of industrial energy-efficient solutions.

Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst, CEO of Futuristic Energy Group in Pennsylvania, proudly announces the  Incentive Procurement Program as part of industrial energy-efficient solutions to maximize performance and cost savings. With his three decades of experience in all aspects of power generation and distribution equipment, Nicholas has designed a program to provide energy-efficient services in the most efficient way possible. 

Under his leadership, today, Futuristic Energy Group is a leading supplier of electrical products and services to the tri-state area. The company enjoys an excellent reputation in Pennsylvania because of Nicholas’s dedication to customer service and quality workmanship. This time he has come up with another great initiative to offer energy-efficient services.

Futuristic Energy Group has already completed dozens of documented energy efficiency projects in the last couple of years. Nicholas has now formally established an Energy Efficiency Group within the company that comprises the many State of Pennsylvania Registered designers of engineering systems and accredited engineers.

Futuristic Energy Group analyzes facilities with investment-grade audits, providing the customers with accurate information about their existing systems. The auditors then make informed and hardworking recommendations for retrofit projects.

Futuristic Energy Group works with utility companies to secure the best incentives for new construction and retrofit projects to pass the savings on to the end users. As an expert in electrical services, Nicholas is constantly aware of required changes in energy incentives.

The Incentive Procurement Program includes contacting utility companies across Pennsylvania and identifying relevant incentives. Futuristic Energy Group completes all the necessary paperwork for pre-authorization on behalf of its clients to secure the highest ROI. Most electrical companies in the United States do not perform this kind of elaborate service as part of their scope of work.

“Team at Futuristic Energy Group has extensive experience working with electrical products and services across the country,” said Nicholas. “You can have confidence that Futuristic Energy Group’s incentive procurement program estimates are accurate and that our team endures maximizing your financial returns. We analyze simple, prescriptive, and more complex energy efficiency measures (EEMs) to reach the most reliable results.”

Under the leadership of Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst, Futuristic Energy Group has announced plans to provide end-to-end support for energy efficiency rebates. In addition to the services above, the company has extensive experience with efficient ECM motor replacement and lighting controls, including occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and performance contracting for public sector projects.

For more information about Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst or Futuristic Energy Group, please contact:

Company Name: SearchManipulator

Name: Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst

Phone number: (415) 837-8371

Email address: matt@searchmanipulator.com


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