Gainesville, Florida, 30th July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, An NFT (nonfungible token) is a digital representation of a real-world assets like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally has two main parts: the visual representation, which, in this case, is the artwork, and the utility behind the art that demonstrates its value within the digital space. The popularity of NFTs is soaring as more people invest in digital ownership. Despite the bear market and its accompanying drop in prices of many major cryptocurrencies, as per DappRadar research groundbreaking collections broke historical records and defied many orthodox practices that define NFT projects. One such example is Moonbirds, a collection that amassed a record trading volume of over 100,000 ETH. Furthermore, DappRadar research analyzed the success for Solana-based NFTs with the launch of Okay Bears, a collection that was one of the highest-grossing collections on Solana at the time and had a floor price appreciation of 11,500%. One other example is Goblin Town, a collection that flipped the script on the entire NFT project process. At launch, it had no roadmap, no Discord, no data on the developers, and the mint was free save for the gas fees.

Inspired by iconic projects like BAYC, CryptoPunks, Weird Whales, Tiny Dinos, and more, Oliver Klicker started Tiny Punk Opossums. A 10k collection, it has 384 unique traits, and wonderfully colorful backgrounds and traits. Tiny Punk Opossums are made on a 20×20 pixel canvas and have a wide variety of visuals that are imaginative in such a small image. The collection includes classic NFT traits like ape, alien, and zombie fur, as well as other unique traits like a cactus pot on the head and iced coffee. These Opossums are not just extremely cute profile pictures, the project is so much more than its aesthetics.

The idea for Opossums came from the creator’s battle with Lyme disease. Opossums eat ticks that carry Lyme disease, so they became the cute, furry, face of this NFT project that helps people in their fight against this devastating disease. 25% of all revenue in perpetuity is donated to Lyme Disease treatment non-profit organizations. The creator and artist, Oliver Klicker, known as @tinyopossums wanted to create a project that is fun outlet for his art, while also helping him afford his life-saving medical treatment, and donate to help others afford theirs at the same time. The treatment for Lyme disease is expensive and not typically covered by regular insurance. Most diagnosed patients spend 6 figures or more before they achieve remission, if they ever do. Preventing others from struggling as much as he has physically and financially was an important motivation for the project. Oliver has a background in contemporary art, with a BFA in sculpture, and also has professional experience as a project manager. This NFT collection is the culmination of his return to making artwork since he became too sick to continue 5 years ago.

The project has all the right makings for a bright future! The artwork couldn’t be more colorful, cute, and absurd, and their Twitter has almost 10,000 organic followers before launch. The philanthropic mission is a breath of fresh air in the NFT space and is the beginning of what will hopefully be a trend in NFT communities. Oliver has plans for a DAO to eventually expand the project and the charitable mission.

Tiny Punk Opossums is launching as a free mint on July 30th at 12pm EST.

You can find more information about the project on their website at tinypunkopossums.wtf or follow them on twitter at @tinyopossums


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