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The move is announced in support of patients in and around Marietta who may be suffering from the condition. With its renewed treatment plan, Classic Vision Care’s optometrists aim to diagnose potential cases of astigmatism before prescribing custom eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery as needed.

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By further updating its services, Classic Vision Care moves to improve general access in Marietta to professional eye healthcare suitable for a growing range of ocular issues, including astigmatism. Its practices also offer a selection of eyeglasses and frames alongside sunglasses for countering Georgia’s sunny weather at present.

Classic Vision Care explains that astigmatism is a prominent issue nationally, now affecting around a third of Americans. Presenting as an imperfection in eye shape, the condition can lead to eyesight problems alongside headaches and eye strain. In response, the Marietta practice intends its treatments to help patients achieve long-term improvements with reduced symptoms.

The clinic offers a range of eye exams designed to identify the severity of astigmatism. These include corneal topography and retinoscopy procedures. While the Marietta practice notes that customized eyeglasses or the daily usage of contact lenses are usually sufficient prescriptions, each astigmatism case requires personalized treatment.

Through tests and consultations, its team now aims to assess eye health while designing care plans suited to individual circumstances. As explained, eye laser surgery and ortho-k lenses are available options.

A practice spokesperson commented: “In some cases, your optometrist might recommend a treatment called ortho-k – in which you wear rigid contact lenses every night to reshape your corneas. Ortho-k is also used for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia, which is blurry close-up vision problems that usually develop around age 40.”

Per the recent announcement, Classic Vision Care continues to operate in the Atlanta area at its Marietta and Kennesaw practice locations. Headed by Dr. Mital Patel and a specialist optometry team, the practice provides tests while advising on treatments for conditions spanning glaucoma, dry eyes, and more.

Interested parties in Marietta and nearby can find further details about Classic Vision Care and its array of services at

Classic Vision Care

1615 Ridenour Blvd

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