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Lasrever has it’s purpose to reverse the human devolution. The world is on fire and we are going back to apes. The family Hominidae (great apes) diverged from the family Hylobatidae (gibbons) some 15–20 million years ago; subfamily Homininae (African apes) diverged from Ponginae (orangutans) about 14 million years ago; The tribe Hominini (including humans, Australopithecus, and chimpanzees) parted from the tribe Gorillini (gorillas) between 8–9 million years ago; and, in turn, the sub-tribes Hominina (humans and extinct biped ancestors) and Panina (chimpanzees) separated 4–7 million years ago.

Anatomically modern humans appeared in Africa approximately 300,000 years ago. Since the dawn of mankind, humanity has always coveted more. It has driven us to ever loftier ambitions, we will never be satisfied. From controlling fire, to a life fully submerged into the world of digitalisation, humanity will never be satisfied. This is our gift and our curse. We will keep striving for more, for better, for new levels of existence, even if that means we destroy ourselves in the process.

 Throughout the years of our time on this planet as human beings, we have been through a lot. We have seen both defeat and conquest, which have brought us both happiness and struggle, glory and dishonour. In order for humanity to reach the next level of evolution, we must look back into our past. We must study how apes evolved into men so that mankind itself can evolve yet again. For mankind to solve the mystery of enlightenment, one must engage with a multitude of enigmas scattered in an universe living in automation.

Each enigma will unravel the path of wisdom, the path towards freedom. As Darwin separated men from apes, thus I have come to reunite the two. To achieve a reunion of men and apes, we must go back.






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