Fort Worth TX Diabetic Eye Exam For Seniors


The announcement comes as Eyes Now stresses the importance of eye exams for its senior patients. By upgrading its procedures, the Dallas-area practice ensures that its local community has access to optimal testing technology for the detection of diabetes-related eye problems and other issues.

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With practices throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Eyes Now offers its upgraded exams to patients from Southlake, Lewisville, and beyond. Alongside ocular health checks, patients can arrange contact lens consultations and more on a same-day basis.

Due to the inherent dangers that diabetes can present for ocular health and overall wellbeing, Eyes Now cites the advice of industry leaders in urging patients to book eye exams regularly.

“Diabetes can be a life-changing diagnosis,” says a practice spokesperson. “Not only can this condition affect different aspects of your overall health, but it can also increase your risk for various eye diseases and other serious ocular conditions. Because of this, the CDC and a variety of reputable optometric resources all recommend patients with diabetes to have their eyes examined annually.”

Eyes Now emphasizes that the consequences may be severe for diabetic patients who neglect eye exams. Many conditions, such as retinopathy or open-angle glaucoma, can develop at an accelerated rate in those suffering from diabetes. Booking an examination at the Dallas practice can help patients quickly detect signs of such diseases as well as diabetes itself.

Fort Worth patients will find that Eyes Now utilizes upgraded equipment representing the most current technology among optometric professionals. The combination of Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT scans, and visual field tests allows Eyes Now to comprehensively check ocular health extending in and around the retina.

The Dallas practice states that this array of safety-centered equipment brings patients a host of benefits, including a significant reduction in wait times. Aiming to counter common anxieties associated with eye checks, such technology allows for rapid results without harmful side effects.

Interested parties in Fort Worth and around the Dallas area are invited to visit to learn more about the full range of eye exam services provided by Eyes Now.

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