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Momentum K9 Dog Training private lesson teaches owners how to gain control of their pup. They also address behavioral concerns, are individualized to each client’s needs, and work within clients’ schedules.

Momentum K9 Dog Training is offering private training lessons for dogs and their owners. These lessons teach owners how to gain control of their pups by showing them how to give their dogs fundamental commands like stand, sit, and come. The owners are taught how to give commands using the right kind of motivation, implementing consistency, and maintaining clear communication. The lessons are customized to each client’s case, considering the type of dog, how much training the dog needs, and clients’ availability for the training, among other essential factors.

The dog training company provides the highest level of dog training solutions using science-based methods that are individualized to each client. They work within clients’ schedules and use proven techniques that work on all types of dogs. The private lessons address behavioral concerns such as barking at people or other dogs, aggressiveness, and leash pulling. The company has free phone consultations that allow dog owners to query about their private training and how the lessons can improve the relationship they have with their dogs.

Momentum K9 Dog Training has trained staff who are experienced in dealing with different types and sizes of dogs. The staff is friendly and provides ample attention to each client focusing on developing long-term relationships with them. They have a high level of professionalism and treat each dog and its owner with dignity and respect. The training provides clients with an active role in training their dogs which makes the results sustainable once they resume their normal lives afterward. The company representative had this to say about their services.

“Momentum K9 is the result of a desire to help as many people as possible with their dogs. Training dogs and their owners are what we find meaningful in our lives, and we feel it is our obligation to do so. We understand the worry, stress, and even embarrassment that is the result of unwanted dog behavior, and we can provide an effective and happy solution for both dog and human.”

Momentum K9 Dog Training provides other services like board and train programs. They help pups that need serious training by housing them so that they have contact with a trainer for an extended period.

Momentum K9 Dog Training is located at 700 S Scott Street, Boise, Idaho, 83705, US. For consultation and booking, contact their staff by calling 208-789-4917. Check Momentum k9 Dog Training website for more information on their private lessons for dogs and their owners.

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