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The ReadFi is an emerging crypto project that offers new services based on blockchain technology. The project is determined to rehabilitate the blockchain community. Recently, ReadFi has developed the Metaverse Library projects in the crypto industry.

Rotterdam, Netherlands The, 25th Jul 2022, King NewsWire, The ReadFi is an emerging crypto platform developing the project, determined to rehabilitate the blockchain community. It devotes some of its daily time to reading and encourages its users to read daily through the read two earn mechanism. In the recent development, ReadFi has introduced the Metaverse Library in the digital space.

The ReadFi project intends to use all its power to integrate reading and today’s virtual world to combine reading into today virtual world. Read 2 earn software and Metaverse Library projects are some of the futuristic plans of this project. ReadFi provides the following features on its crypto platform:

  • Social-Fi: ReadFi is a Metaverse lifestyle app with built-in cultural relationships and Social-Fi.
  • Read 2 Earn: Users equip themselves with Glasses NFTs, and by reading books, they get the chance to Earn $RDF tokens that can be used within the platform or cashed out for profit.
  • Developing Technology: While ReadFi aims to lead many people to a more cultural lifestyle and connect them to the Metaverse universe, it simultaneously adheres to the Social-Fi direction to create a stable platform that supports Web 3.0 and Metaverse content.
  • Earn With Reference: Users can invite friends to read events and earn crypto.
  • Social Development: The ReadFi Project is the first in the blockchain universe and has been developed to be a platform where people can develop and gain culturally.
  • Metaverse: It has been developed in the metaverse universe, which is now another universe of their world, to give the most excellent support to people in the cultural sense.

Furthermore, the series of NFTs offered by ReadFi has its determined profit system and rates. ReadFi NFTs show an evolving reward distribution in earnings according to their quality. According to the quality of Readfi NFTs, it offers its holders more benefits within the events and reference system. 

According to the NFT quality holders, they can have a new reference code and get a higher reference gain. A specific part of the proceeds from Readfi NFT trading will be reflected in liquidity. People can earn more by participating in Weekly and Monthly events with ReadFi Tokens. With ReadFi Tokens, users can also access many newly released works of famous authors.

In addition, with Readfi tokens, users can win by participating in question-and-answer events on General Culture and some areas, and people can earn with ReadFi Token staking.They can even market their works on the ReadFi platform.

Intending users and determined crypto-reading enthusiasts must follow the below-given links to stay updated:

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