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Industrial temperature measurement specialists Process Parameters has provided further information regarding thermocouple types. Exclusively discussing thermocouples, Process Parameters described how each thermocouple type is assigned a letter code to designate a specific alloy combination. The most often used code letters are K, J, T, and N. Rarer types are R, S, E, B, C, and W.

A thermocouple is a temperature-measuring sensor. This sensor consists of two dissimilar metal wires linked at one end and connected at the other to a thermocouple thermometer or other thermocouple-capable device. When properly set, thermocouples can measure temperatures over a broad temperature range.

Process Parameters proceeded by explaining that each thermocouple type has its own alloy pair, which is carefully selected and calibrated in accordance with the international standards with which must be complied to. BS EN 60584 is the standard that governs thermocouples in the United Kingdom and Europe. It specifies the characteristics, tolerances, and colour coding for the various thermocouple types.

Depending on the type, the thermocouple temperature range is between -200C and +1800C. There are numerous elements to consider when choosing a thermocouple type for a given application. The lifetime of a thermocouple should also be considered, especially at extreme temperatures; it may be preferable to use infrared pyrometers, which monitor temperature from outside the process.

Connecting thermocouple probes to extension or compensating cables is facilitated by thermocouple connectors. Each connector’s pins are polarised to ensure proper connection. Process Parameters provides a vast selection of thermocouple connectors for use with both thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometers. Miniature and standard sizes with two or three pins are offered to accommodate temperature ranges of 200??, 350??, and 650??. Process Parameters can accommodate any connector needs regardless of the design.

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