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Technician Find, a marketing and recruiting company for independent auto and diesel repair shops throughout the United States has recently announced that they will hold office hours two times per month. Each bi-monthly Zoom call will feature training, Q&A, case studies and shop owner/manager interviews to answer pressing questions and highlight what’s working right now to find good technicians and get them to apply.

Hosted by Christopher T. Lawson, founder of Technician Find and attended by independent automotive and diesel repair shop owners from around the country, Technician Find Office Hours marks the beginning of the first regular meeting for independent repair shop owners and managers dedicated exclusively to sharing ideas about building and maintaining a fully staffed shop. Lawson said, “I’m really looking forward to sharing our ideas with the independent auto and diesel repair industry.”

Lawson continues, “We’ve been in the trenches every day helping independent shops find good quality staff since 2017. That’s why it’s so exciting to come together live with shop owners a couple of times per month and share one thing that we’ve learned, tested and proven that shops can steal and apply and not have to learn the hard way.”

According to, automotive and diesel technicians are often the most competitive positions to fill ranking 100 on a scale of 1 – 100. This problem is compounded for independent automotive and truck repair shops that often times can be out marketed to find talent and out spent on salaries, bonuses and benefits.

Technician Find has run several thousand auto shop hiring and diesel shop hiring ads over hundreds of client campaigns since 2017 and has long been a supporter of independent automotive and heavy duty repair shops to help them out market their competition and grow.

Finding automotive technicians is hard. At Technician Find we make it easier for independent auto and diesel repair shops to hire good techs by helping them craft unique ads that stand out and then promoting those ads on social media to generate more and better applications.” Said Lawson.

Independent automotive and diesel repair shop owners and managers who would like to join an upcoming Zoom call can click here: Technician Find Office Hours Registration.

About Technician Find

At one time or another, most independent auto and truck repair shop owners feel frustrated because they can’t find the staff they need to grow.

Whether it’s poor response from ads or stiff competition from local dealers, fleets and national chains, the lack of a steady flow of qualified applications when they need them can stall plans for expanding, kill team morale and wreck profitability.

When a shop owner gets plugged into a proven and predictable system for finding help on demand, it lights a fire in their belly. It gives them the confidence, support and motivation to move forward on their plans for a bigger future.

Technician Find provides the best hiring solution for independent auto and truck repair shop owners in the United States because every shop owner deserves to have a happy staff helping them to build their dream.

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