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Avantra has published a new blog article on its website, this time addressing every aspect of SAP cloud integration. The post opens by noting how difficult it might be to choose between SAP cloud integration methods. There are numerous solutions available, each with distinct advantages.

Avantra’s article also highlights the advantages and disadvantages of SAP cloud on Rise integration approaches. It also discusses the measures organisations must take to select the optimal strategy.

Recent statistics from the technical research and advisory firm Gartner indicate that all market indicators point to a rise in cloud use across the board.

Users are increasingly adopting the cloud, as spending on public cloud services is predicted to surpass $470 billion by the end of the year and global IT investment is expected to increase by 5.1%.

Eighty-one percent of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy in place or are in the process of developing one for 2022, indicating that businesses are not immune to this influence.

In any normal on-premise SAP system, you design, test, customise, and administer ERP-level apps on-premises. This configuration, despite being very simple, can make upgrades and enhancements extremely difficult and potentially expensive.

These types of issues led to the 2012 debut of SAP cloud integration with the “SAP Cloud Platform Integration” (SAP CPI) – an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which is still utilised by businesses today and contains the in-memory SAP HANA database management system.

SAP CPI was designed to link to both on-premise and cloud-based SAP systems, as well as third-party software, using open standards. Additionally, the system is designed to handle Java, JavaScript, Node.js, and Cloud Foundry enabling a variety of integration choices.

With the advent of SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP enabled its users to maintain a clean, non-customized core system while retaining the ability to make modifications in the cloud.

Today, by harnessing the power of SAP in the cloud on Rise, and often with the assistance of a SAP Cloud Platform Integration service, businesses are better equipped to create integration designs to match their needs and launch cloud projects with pre-built integration solutions. See the following URL: https://www.avantra.com/

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