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Virtuous Circle Counselling is Home to Highly Sought-after Calgary Psychologists with An Excellent Track Record

Calgary, AB – Studies show that roughly one in every three people in Canada deals with mental health issues at least once in their lifetime. Considering that many more such cases go undiagnosed and therefore undocumented, the actual figure is much higher and is a legitimate cause for concern. Even more concerning, is that very few individuals ever actively seek professional mental health care services despite the abundance of specialists providing them. Nonetheless, Virtuous Circle Counselling remains committed to helping as many people as possible in Calgary, AB, and its environs. VCC is a client-centered service that is focused on leaving a lasting positive impact on the life of every client they attend to.

While commenting on their experience at Virtuous Circle Counselling, one client said, “My time with Tiffany is something I always look forward to. She’s helped me so much in our time together. She is an amazing and present listener, never judging, and she gives me real and effective tools to use in my life. Our hour together always flies by, and I always feel lighter and stronger at the end of the session. She’s been invaluable in these crazy covid times. If you have any hesitation about counselling, this is your sign to take the leap and get some help.”

Like all other medical professions, professional counselling demands exceptional skills, experience, and compassion from its providers to guarantee the best possible client care. Luckily, all these qualities, and more, are abundant in the practitioners of Virtuous Circle Counselling. Their clinic’s are home to an experienced team of 10 counsellors & psychologists who consistently go above and beyond for their clients, regardless of their issues. Even better, each team member is a reputable specialist in their field of expertise and has all the accompanying qualifications and accreditations to show for it. Further proof of their competence is the many positive reviews from clients of VCC whose lives were transformed by their services.

Keen on maintaining its reputation as Calgary’s go-to mental health clinic and counselling services provider, Virtuous Circle Counselling provides a wide range of counselling services to meet every client’s unique requirements. These services include but are not limited to anxiety counselling, self-esteem, workplace stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, divorce counselling, trauma, EMDR, and anger management counselling. In line with its mission of providing the best possible mental health client care, the clinic is continuously working to optimize these services with a particular emphasis on verifiable positive impact.

Virtuous Circle Counselling is always looking to expand the scope of its existing services or introduce new ones to accommodate more mental health clients in Calgary. Some of its new or expanded services are walk & talk therapy, OCD counselling, self-esteem therapy, and ADHD counselling. The clinic’s new walk & talk therapy (nature therapy) is a healthy break from traditional therapy sessions that require clients to sit and talk about their issues in a confined space. This service is particularly effective for clients with difficulties expressing their innermost fears and concerns when under pressure. Motion and site-seeing help relieve the pressure, allowing them to open up more easily.

Besides expanding its services, Virtuous Circle Counselling also invests in its workforce. The latest addition to its ranks, Miranda Parkinson, is a registered provisional psychologist. Ms. Parkinson holds a master’s degree in counselling psychology and has a wealth of experience in the field. Her background in education makes her uniquely qualified by improving her ability to connect with clients on a deeper level. Her specialty areas include depression and anxiety counselling, self-concept concerns, stress management, attachment issues, women’s issues, emotional health, ADHD, and childhood trauma. She is well-versed in many different counselling modalities, including but not limited to cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, EMDR, and narrative therapy.

As a full-service mental health and counselling service provider, Virtuous Circle Counselling offers individual, couples, and family therapy. Individual therapy, the most popular of the three, affords clients a safe space to talk about their issues in confidence with an experienced counsellor who has their best interests at heart. The counsellor’s goal is to encourage clients to open up and talk about their concerns, boost their self-esteem, develop a better understanding of themselves, set achievable goals, and create a clear roadmap to a more fulfilling life. The therapists from Virtuous Circle Counselling take a genuine interest in the mental well-being of their clients. This is evident from their efforts to always make follow-ups regarding their clients’ progress even after completing their therapy sessions.

More information about the services provided by Virtuous Circle Counselling is available on its website. Clients can direct any questions to one of its staff at 403 797 0660. The clinic is located at 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW Suite 340, Calgary, AB, T3G 0B4, Canada.

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