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YesWorld is a utility token that offers a specific utility within a decentralized application. Recently, it got listed on Coinsbit crypto exchange with a price of Up 4900%.

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, 20th Jul 2022, YesWorld generates sustainable plans with measurable benefits and zero Investment efficiency upgrade. In the recent development, the company received the Biggest Cryptocurrency Gainers on July 18, and YesWorld Token gets listed on Coinsbit crypto-exchange, Highest Gainer on Exchange – Up 4900%. It has been recorded that the volume is over $11.7 million.

YesWorld Token price is Up 4900 percent on its debut trading day on the Exchange. It was the highest percentage gainer among all cryptocurrencies trading on crypto exchanges. The volume recorded for YES WORLD Token is among the highest volume achieved by any Coin or Token on debut day. It is very positive news for traders and investors in the crypto space amidst the brutal comedown for several cryptocurrencies the following year.

Furthermore, YES WORLD Token is available with USDT pair. YES/USDT price opened at $0.0005. Because of its strong community and promotions around the YES Token launch, Exchange saw good volume right from the beginning. Volume started to pick up fast as Exchange listed YES WORLD Token being live on Exchange to its global community through various social media handles. Within a few hours, Token started to see significant price action with volume, and by noon the price was up 4900%, and volume among top cryptocurrencies trading on Coinsbit exchange.

In addition, most traders’ experience with YES WORLD Token is that it has significant buying interest. There were very few sellers, and most people were interested in buying based on the order depth information on the Exchange. It shows the confidence of traders and investors in the vision of the YES WORLD Token and believes that it has a real value making it a good asset class investment.

Most experts predict YES token price will continue to see upward price movement in the coming days. Most pending trades and active orders show that people are ready to buy the asset-based Token, even at a higher price than the current market price. With such a strong buying interest and as volume picks, price is bound to further upside in coming sessions.

Volume details 

This Token commands a market capitalization of more than $250 million based on today’s current price at the time of writing this news. The volume of this cryptocurrency is $11.7 million, which is among the highest for a newly listed crypto token or coin on any exchange.

Based on the information available on YES WORLD Token’s Twitter handle. Intending users must visit the following links to obtain more information about the project.

Twitter | Telegram | Website

Media Contact

Organization: YesWorld

Contact Person: Sandeep Choudhary

Email: Send Email

State: Rajasthan

City: Jaipur

Country: India


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