Canada — Jeripay, a local Fintech company, announced today that they are collaborating with FCF Pay, a Canadian-based company, to enable cryptocurrency acceptance for PSP providers. This collaboration will allow both organisations to tap their expertise in payment acceptance.

Cryptocurrencies are accepted online or at some traditional points of sale.

John Nasr, CEO of FCF Pay, said: “Jeripay seamless solutions on an all-in-one device with a scalable platform on Android make a great partner for our expansion plans into the Asia Pacific. In addition, Jeripay has a wealth of experience in providing loyalty integration platforms for malls, loyalty operators, e-wallets providers, and top-up kiosks and has enabled more than 8,000 acceptance points across Singapore to make a perfect fit for us to start from Singapore. We believe that this collaboration will bring crypto payments where they are needed the most, to diverse merchants.”

Johnny Ang, Board Member and Head of Payment Innovation and Partnership at Jeripay, added: “We are happy to partner with FCF Pay and share the same philosophy in open innovation. This collaboration can leverage both organisations’ expertise to support the current dynamic payment market better. It will be an exciting period for Jeripay and FCF Pay team, and we look forward to our first collaboration outside Singapore.”

Jeripay application and solution offer its customers a wide range of value-added services, perfectly meeting the needs of tech-savvy Asian consumers. It enables users to get a detailed real-time overview of their loyalty points, balance, and purchases, allowing them better control and convenience over their own rewarding experience. In addition, users can manage their omnichannel experience through JeriLoyalty, JeriFood, JeriPay, JeriCard and JeriStore in a single device.

Jeripay media contact:

Jeripay Pte Ltd

Tel.: +65 88227672

Email: press@jeripay.com

About Jeripay:

Jeripay is one of the fastest-growing digital value-added services platforms in the area of financial commerce.

We provide both business customers and consumers with a constantly expanding ecosystem of real-time value-added services built around innovative digital payments by using an integrated B2B2C approach. This

ecosystem concentrates on the area’s payment & risk, retail & transaction banking, loyalty & couponing, data

analytics & conversion rate enhancement in all sales channels (online, mobile, ePOS).

Visit us on www.jeripay.com , follow us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/jeripay/

FCF Pay media contact:

FCF inc.

Tel. : +15149619529

Email: hello@fcfpay.com

About FCF Pay:

French Connection Finance (FCF) is a Canadian based company with an official incorporated business license. The FCF team has undergone the appropriate KYC process and the FCF project has been audited by Certik.FCF Pay empowers cryptocurrency holders by giving them the ability to use cryptocurrency as currency when buying goods and services. FCF Pay empowers businesses by providing an all-in-one solution which allows them to accept cryptocurrency payments while featuring low processing fees and near instant access to payment funds.

Visit us on www.fcfpay.com , follow us on our social media sites: https://linktr.ee/fcf_bsc

Media Contact:

Company Name: FCF inc

Contact Person: John Nasr

Email: hello@fcfpay.com

Website: www.fcfpay.com


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