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A recent article in the real estate section of Fortune magazine stated that “Foreclosures were up 11% in February -and double-digit increases are expected for the next 6 months” and this may just be the beginning considering the current economic situation.

People are losing their homes, their most important asset, and relocating with relatives or places they can afford.

A company called Iann Creations, LLC established in 2013 in New York State is providing a service that will bring some assistance to those who have lost their homes through either a tax or mortgage foreclosure.

If a property is behind several months on either tax or mortgage payments it may go into foreclosure. As an example, let’s say an individual owes 50 thousand dollars in back taxes or mortgage payments and the house sells at auction to a third party for 100 thousand dollars, There is then 50 thousand dollars in excess or surplus funds. These funds are owed to the former owner by law, but most owners are not aware that they are entitled to the money. A notice is usually sent by either the county or trustee to the owner but it is usually sent to the foreclosed address where the owner has long moved.

Iann Creations has asset recovery specials currently in New York, California, and Ohio that research public records and locate the former owners, their families, or others who may know them and help them recover the money that they are entitled to.

The interesting thing is that they do not charge any upfront fees, pay all expenses and deal with the government agencies or trustees. If they for some reason are unable to recover the funds there is no charge to the claimant.

A Company Spokesman says, “We know the “ins and outs” of government agencies in all states. If a government agency or trustee is holding your funds, we know how to get them! Since, especially with tax funds, after a certain period of time elapses the government may get to keep the funds, it’s always best to have professionals on your side.”

“If a claim for your excess tax funds isn’t made in time, the funds often “escheat” to the agency holding them, meaning you can no longer claim them. It’s your money, and the government shouldn’t be able to take it from you. Iann Creation’s mission is to ensure that this never, ever happens. They will audit government files and documents for these unclaimed funds, and when they find them, they make it their personal mission to reunite them with their rightful owner.”

The Company says that after a claimant has spoken to one of their agents and verbally agreed to let them work on a claim, they will set up a time for them to sign several pages of paperwork to allow them to get started.

The firm works on a contingent basis and only gets paid after they recover the claimant’s money.

After the Company receives the necessary paperwork, they either email or send a local notary to collect it from the claimant and overnight it back to their office. Claims are usually processed in 3-4 months, sometimes sooner depending on the complexity of the case, and the claimant’s share of the claim, the majority of the funds are collected, and remitted to them within 30 days of receipt.

Claimants can give the Company a call at their special number (845) 377-5704. If there is no answer the call will be forwarded immediately and they say they will get back to you quickly.

Answers to additional questions can be found on the Company’s website. http://www.recoveredmoneyfinder.org/iassetrefunds/

Iann Creations LLC
58-30 76th Street

United States

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