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Madrid, Spain, 19th Jul 2022,  Since the arrival of Web3 the world has been changing and with it the travel industry as well. The company “The Fly Travel Club” is initiating this change with the development of a travel NFT marketplace, only accessible to the members of its club. This means you will have to be a holder of one of their NFTs to be able to enjoy all club benefits.

Holder benefits

For the first time, trips will be tokenized. The members of the club will be able to buy and sell a wide variety of NFTs inside the platform, which will have real life utility that translates in trips all over the world. With an extensive catalog but full of exclusive experiences, their holders will be able to benefit from Flights, Hotels, Suites, Cruises around the world, Resorts, Exclusive activities, Travel Experiences, etc. 

What makes The Fly Travel Club project unique is not just the NFT marketplace. They will also giveaway weekly Travel Experiences that will be raffled among its members. This will allow holders to enjoy unique experiences and adventures as a reward for being part of the club.

In addition, the winners of these Travel Experiences, will be able to trade them in their marketplace in case they cannot enjoy their prize. This will also create a living ecosystem of travel experiences with amazing benefits for all its users.

Technology, traveling and rewards

What sets The Fly Travel Club apart from other travel-based NFT collections, and the reason they actually are the world’s real first travel NFT marketplace, is because they are tokenizing valuable assets, such as a Greek Islands Cruise or a trip for two through Europe.

The technology behind the FLYs is designed to outlive its creators. The code of the art, its characteristics and the metadata will always be on-chain.

So, how can you book your next trip on their marketplace? Easy, as a holder you just have to log in using your Metamask wallet which will verify you are a holder of one of their FLY NFTs (or FLYs as The Fly Travel Club calls them) and then choose the trip you want to book. No credit cards, no payment gateways, just a simple purchase with your Metamask.

Another interesting thing about the project is that they have their own travel agency, this allows them to offer really competitive prices.

They also offer their members multiple ways to earn rewards. For example their “Liquidity Pool & Investments” most of the profits are returned to the community.

And let’s not forget to mention the big giveaway they have prepared after SOLD OUT: the raffle of a Tesla Model S among all their holders.

The Fly Travel Club intends to bring the crypto world closer to the travel sector, two of the largest markets in the world. Thus giving its members the best of both worlds. They offer their users the opportunity to earn and travel, to travel more and better.

About the founders

The CEO and co-founder Sergio, has been working as CTO in the travel sector for the past few years. Sofia, co-founder and Artist of the FLYs is a Senior Product Designer and Illustrator passionate about languages and traveling. They met working a couple of years ago at a fintech startup and since then, have been working on the idea that resulted in “The Fly Travel Club”. 

Their main idea is to create something bigger than just another NFT collection of cool illustrations that you can just buy and sell. They want to create amazing traveling experiences for their holders to prove that real life value can be earned and benefited from the crypto community. 

With the project benefits, the club will also be donating 10% of all profits to different organizations that work on biodiversity and animal rights.

Will The Fly Travel Club be the next Bluechip project in the world of NFTs and crypto assets?

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